Well, look who just got pissed off

I don’t think I’ve commented directly on the Texas law obstructing women from abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, nor the ridiculous idea that Texans can report their neighbors, friends and Uber drivers and become eligible to sue said people for $10k.

But this fucking article here, this is what’s going to make me scream.

Because I was ground up and spit from years of abstinence education.


And it fucked me the fuck up.

And I’m a dude.

This whole idea that abstinence is going to remedy abortions in Texas or anywhere is ri-fucking-diculous.

I fully point toward abstinence education as a major contributing factor to my later-in-life marriage and subsequent lateness to fertility. And while I’ve grown past it, I still look back at it with great horror, hate, disdain and affliction.

Abstinence isn’t a “biblical” value. It’s a cultural one. As is all the fucking sex sins. They’re all made up to fuck the brains of American children to have a completely un-realistic view of the world and their places in it.

They’re all designed to make religious zealots think they’re making their Jesus smile.

And all those teachers who taught me that abstinence was godly and that sexual sins would literally kill me sit back today, if they’re still alive, and revel in the idea that they were somehow heroes to children and teenagers. Erstwhile they sent these poor minds into the collective shitter.

All for the imaginary thought picture that they made a deity they cannot see smile.

This is fucked up.


And these dumb men who push their views on girls, all to make their version of an invisible dude smile, will never cease to piss me off.

I wish it pissed you off.

This whole argument from Republicans/Libertarians about how they don’t want to take experimental vaccines or ones associated with fetal cell research, they’re all bonkers. And they probably think science is better if one attempts to keep a dick out of their daughters’ vaginas.

Meanwhile, rape, incest, and good old fashioned lust and sexual desire enter the scenarios that these assholes sitting behind desks cannot fathom nor understand.

Go Fuck Yourselves, Texas.

Go fuck yourself, Jonathan Mitchell.

And anyone pushing this abstinence cures abortion narrative.

Fuck you every which way.

Space-Time Continuum vs. Answered Prayer

There are some truths that are truer than others.

One is that if you lose something that you knew you had last week, order a replacement on Amazon, and you’ll find the thing you lost within 2 to 24 hours. If it’s not found in that time frame, you’ll find it within 24 hours of its delivery.

Another one is: nobody gives a shit about your dreams.

Any sentence that opens with, “I had a dream last night,” renders immediate disinterest and the potential listener turns the little sign on his or her door to, “Do Not Disturb.”

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