Dr. Demon Semen says satan’s sendin clones to git ya!

The interviewer in this piece is the guy who claimed a Delta pilot died in-flight after taking the covid vaccine.

Dr. Stella Immanuel claims here that satan is sending clones who are killing those who refuse the vaccine.

Also good news. One of my long-time pals and great friend of this blog Julie Ferwerda, announced that she is hanging up the nursing towel after six years. The pressures of being an anti-vaxx, pro-horse paste, no-one-will-wisten-to-me version of an otherwise lovely human rant about the “Plandemic” hasn’t been successful. You may remember her as the award-winning author as such short pieces as, “Dating Jesus” and a book that kind of supports letting go of hell as a tenant of faith.

Her current heroes are such experts as Joe Rogan and snake-oil salesmen with bachelors’ degrees in philosophy.

Since those days of concentrating her efforts on religious blasphemy, she fell down the rabbit hole of QAnon conspiracies and has not been able to dig herself out.

We celebrate her decision as it was likely contributing to confusion with her patients and their families. I hear she will now be immersing herself fully into an echo chamber of like-minded people who find conspiracies much more exciting than reality and evading a modicum of understanding of general biology.

I have watched her on Facebook and it’s amazing how the Jesus complex overwhelms someone so much that they grasp for any old big ticket idea that will get them attention. All in the name of help, they say.

It’s not that they have the complex, it’s what they do with it. It’s the obsessive nature of post after post after post. Surely the internet can be used for better use of one’s time than to think invisible forces are pinning us down and torturing us.

And here we go … marching on another day.

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