Election Officials read death threats.

This is sick. Sick sick sick. Election officials reading death threats against them. Holy shit.

I was thinking last night about this Jordan Klepper video (or any of them featuring Trump cultists) and there’s a part where Jordan asks who were the rioters on J6. The answers ranged from Antifa to “the Deep State”.

There’s that old trope that the insiders know the difference between “real” and “not-real” members. We saw it cliched as kids. “Those aren’t real Christians” was a common finger point. Even in the atheist movement, you have similar finger pointing.

As if you can determine one’s mental allegiance to God via anything measurable. And if “actions” are the measure, I don’t know one perfect Christian who hasn’t embarrassed themselves with the highest form of some blatant sin.

But it was that elusive language that struck me as I was trying to get some winks last night. That the perpetrators on January 6 were the deep state. What’s the deep state? A cabal of evil doers, right? They point at the Clintons, the Obamas, the Tom Hanks-es. But it’s an immeasurable goal.

Or they play the Antifa card. I know my rightwing readers will call it “fake news,” but lots of reports surfaced after BLM, including eye-witness accounts from friends who live downtown Chicago, including ones like this from AP.

But why would anyone believe my friends or AP when so much has done to discredit the latter and my conservative friends go out of their way to not support healthcare for me and my wife, so why would I think they care about the rest of my associations or welfare?

The challenge is how to help steer people away from this dangerous rhetoric and violent threats. My personal goal is to figure out how this divide can be decreased. We owe it to ourselves to push away these divisions.

The challenge is weird, because when I read criticisms of Joe Biden, I get that they are criticisms, but I don’t think they warrant levels of disgust that they get. But hey, I’m a libtard and don’t know what I’m talking about.

Let’s do better.