Seth Abramson responds to the NYT on its Danchenko story

I saw several postings on several news sites about the arrest of Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who contributed to the infamous Steele Dossier.

Red flags flew up every time I saw the article, especially in that rag the NY Post. There were so many things in the articles that I had read were refuted. Like who funded the report. Initially, it was republicans who were (rightly) terrified of Trump becoming president and wanted dirt against him.

Later, the Clintons’ names got attached to it, and that’s what stuck.

Also, the so-called Pee-Pee tape. While everyone wanted it to be a golden shower, the accusation has always been that Trump thought it would be funny if the bed that Obama slept in was pee’d on.

Then I found this thread responding to the NYT version of the story. And it made sense. All the misinformation in the NYT, NYpost, WaPo, and elsewhere was clearly identified by Seth Abramson as what had been altered or changed for this publication.

The curiosity is why NYT would publish such a riveting pile of bullshit which they’ve already corrected because of Abramson’s twitter post.

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