Culture shock: An Indian student shares observations about American culture

This list of observations about American culture from an Indian student is a good read.

One that they got wrong is: “Stoves are always electric. No lighter needed.”

They aren’t always electric. But you don’t need a lighter on most gas stoves.

A couple highlights from the food section:

• Sugar here is powdered, it doesn’t come in tiny cubes like I’m used to. It’s very easy to confuse salt and sugar (as I have done) because they look exactly the same.

• I have to say this – for a country this obsessed with coffee, the cappuccinos really aren’t that good. In my opinion, if you want good coffee here, you have to have it black. (I love black coffee now.) Probably the one thing I miss the most from back home is Indian filter coffee

• And speaking of coffee – Starbucks is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. There comes a point where you get sick of seeing the logo no matter where you are, and then you get over it.