Cawthorn: “I highly encourage you to [drop out of college].”

Madison Cawthorn is the epitome of, well, stupidity. He pushes conspiracy theories and misinformation. He was on stage at the Turningpoint USA conference telling the largely student audience to drop out of college.

How very Pol Pot of him.

And now he’s on record telling people not to get educations. Focus on home school.

I have a loved one who is bewildered that I’m not a believer and she blames my lack of belief on my education. When she found out I went to a conservative Christian college, she was flummoxed. She has only an 8th grade education, and she’s often in awe of the language in my texts. She often points out that she has to look up words or mesmerized by sentence structure.

I’m like, “My sentences are basic.” When I read books, I’m constantly in awe of other writers vocabularies and sentence structures.

Besides, what is it about Freewill that is so perplexing? If I’m free to choose, then choice isn’t a factor in whether I’m on the right team or not.

For the record, I watched the entire Jesse Watters bit that turned into a huge talking point yesterday, and Watters was clearly talking about ambushing Fauci with a phone and getting him on the record saying something stupid. The choice of words and the clips “the they” released were clearly out of context. Mind you, the choice of words are poor, and I can see the word choices being a problem.

RIGHT-WING GROUPS OPPOSED handouts while accepting them hand over fist

Because it’s okay for the morally superior to practice the immoralities that they shout about.

From the Intercept:

“GOVERNMENT SPENDING IS a HUGE problem,” the conservative video site PragerU tweeted in September 2019. “We must reinvest in Americans by giving them a hand up, not handouts,” the group wrote in another tweet that November with a video of then-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson discussing rehabilitation for incarcerated people titled, “Americans Need A Hand Up, Not Handouts.”

But last year, right-wing groups that have long opposed the concept of increased government spending on “handouts” were the recipients of more than $1.7 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans while seeing significant increases in contributions or net assets, according to new research from the government watchdog group Accountable.US. Last April, the Small Business Administration launched the $349 billion emergency loan program to help small businesses struggling at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the monster he created rears its ugly head

Trump got boo’d in Texas for admitting to his cult followers that he got the booster jab and that they should, too.

The data showing Right Wing deaths and hospitalizations vs. Left Wing ones is starting to worry even the master of disaster.

Yesterday, and otherwise intelligent friend who has her booster, mentioned ivermectin in a laundry list of “helpful” approaches to getting sick with covid and I about spit out milk that wasn’t in my mouth.

How does anyone look at an anti-parasitic drug and think, “This would be good for fighting a virus.”

But here we are.

I’m posting another tweet below of an interview with Francis Collins in which he says the Trump administration asked him to push Hydrocloriquine, and if Ivermectin had hit the airwaves, I’m sure they would have asked him to push that too.

We’re so divided in this country that if I would have poo poo’d ivermectin to my friend, she would have cried it was a liberal talking point or she would have placated me. So I abstained.

In a land of non-politics that has become political, we are treading thin ice. It’s crazy.

Angie Reynolds vs covid. Who wins?

This Sorry Antivaxxer post is a nightmare. Fifty year old Angie Reynolds fell ill to Covid19 earlier this year, and is on the mend. At the onset, she dove into horse paste and vitamins, but surprisingly, that didn’t work.

She’s finally on the upswing after four months of being sick and two months (at least) of being hospitalized. But what does the upswing look like?

Her daughter updates her Facebook writing: “She doesn’t remember any of the last 2 months, so I can only imagine how confusing and frustrating it must be. She still can’t stand or walk, still can’t eat, drink or even swallow water.”

Could you imagine? One single bout of the China Flu and you lose four months of your life to a sickness, then only to get “better” and spend how long pushing that boulder up a steep slope to regain a “normal” life.

But hey, at least she didn’t leave her children without a mom. Don’t those Fauci memes seem so empty now?

The story of Bella and George. Why are my cheeks wet?

Go to Youtube and watch this video. It’s the amazing story of a young girl born with Morquio syndrome. About the video:

Bella Burton was born with Morquio syndrome, which affects bone development. Bella also has a service dog named George, her beloved great Dane who not only offers physical support by keeping Bella upright and protected, but also emotional support that gave her the confidence to try things beyond what was considered possible for her. You can follow Bella and George at Facebook. -via Laughing Squid 

ER Doctor quits job caring for Covid patients because Q

This Reddit post is a gut punch. An anonymous doctor tells in full detail why he’s leaving the ER where he has cared for patients for years. For any doubters, they can read his/her comment history to see that his infectious disease expertise is shared often with other redditers.

This is how the post starts:

“After more than three decades as a physician, the Q maniacs have succeeded in driving me out of providing care to patients. I, like many of my colleagues, am moving into medically-adjacent work, where we can continue to apply our training and decades off knowledge without ever having to come in contact with sick people.

“I’ve been able to deal with the years of patients who attended Google Medical School, and the hours wasted explaining things such as why cinnamon cannot be used to treat diabetes, or that garlic and beetroot can’t treat HIV. And Lord save me from essential oils.”

COVID and Q finally proved to be the one of amateur “experts” that was too much for me. The horrific deaths are beyond what you might imagine.

Then he/she goes into great detail about a 38 year old father, sick with covid, wants desperately to see his family, possibly for the last time, and the mother and children all come to the hospital. They refuse to don masks, so they aren’t let inside and the guy dies in wait. Then the mother attacks the doctor, breaking his/her nose and sending them to the ground to bang their head. The woman blamed the doctor. Calling them a murderer! Screaming at them for not using horse paste or Vitamin C and D.

This is where we are. Sure, not EVERYONE is behaving like this. But the crew that is is creating a shit storm for the rest of us who have come to depend on a society with experts as doctors. Shit, experts as most people who are established in their fields.

The people who are sowing doubt and ridicule toward the experts are to be punished and marginalized. But they grow in numbers with each Facebook post.

This doctor’s response to this post from a 16 year old who lives with a bunch of conspiracy nuts is particularly interesting. The good doctor writes: “The “mass media” is not funded by “the government.” You will notice, when people use these conspiracy theories, they never say who or how – just gigantic nouns (mass media, government.) Media companies are owned by shareholders – institutions and individuals who buy their stock. They are legally required to report where every dime they receive comes from. There are analysts on Wall Street who are paid 100s of 1000s of dollars each year to dig into those numbers, to assess them. If one dollar looks suspicious, they’ll write about it. Media companies have giant operations – TV, internet, cable, magazines, newspapers – all that are producing cash. If sales don’t match with cash, well, where did the money come from? How is “money from government” hidden? Second, the government produces a budget every year. It is publicly available. All of the supporting documents are publicly available. Republicans and democrats alike dig through it. How are secret payments to media companies hidden in there? They aren’t. This is just a nonsense conspiracy theory by people who don’t know how media companies work, how government works, and how finance works.”

I saw a bumper sticker on a friends’ that said you can’t trust the media. And it’s this perpetuation of mistrust that is killing people. Google-trained Doctors. Astute, life-experience trained professionals. They are who we put our trust in?

I heard Joe Rogan on a comedy station in the car yesterday. I almost turned it off. But he was banging on people who don’t believe in evolution. He clearly wanted to say he isn’t against faith, God or religion. But he’s like the experts who spend all their lives studying that stuff say we share 96% of a genome with monkeys. He said, “So if I gave you a sandwich that was 96% shit and 4% ham, would you believe me if I told you it was a ham sandwich?”

The people who want you to trust that everything the guy behind a pulpit says is true, wants you to believe that everything the guy says behind a news desk is false. Or even more frustrating, everything the guy says behind the news desk that you listen to is false, but everything spouted from the news desk that you love is true.

It’s life in a nightmare.

Here’s a ham sandwich and a smile. Enjoy.

Lazy Sundays, movies, France, prophecies, and you.

This past Sunday, Tina and I set out on a mission to be lazy.

This weekend, we kept the list in a French ballpark. We started with Once Upon a Crime (1992). Then French Postcards (1972) and ended with Spoiled Brats (2021).

Once Upon a Crime is a comedy that takes place primarily in Monte Carlo with John Candy, Jim Balushi, Cybill Shepherd, Sean Young, Richard Lewis, Giancarlo Giannini and a very beautiful Ornella Muti. Directed by Eugene Levy. There were hilarious gags and fun dialogue sequences.

French Postcards was a surprise find on Hulu. It stars Miles Chapin, Mandy Patinkin, Debra Winger, and Blanche Baker among others.

The third film Spoiled Brats (“Pourris Gâtés “) was a recent release on Netflix.

All three are worth a watch.

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It’s a conspiracy!

I read this article this morning discussing conspiracy theories and some reasons why people fall for them.

My immediate response when reading such things is: “this is great, and all, but what conspiracy theories do I subscribe to?” Or even, “What conspiracy theories do others believe I have fallen for?”

Back in High School, our education primed us kids that everything other than Christianity is a conspiracy theory of sorts. Hell, looking at the chart, the New World Order was a common topic in our classes. There was a level of intolerance and racism that we were taught in the name of faith that still gives me the heebie jeebies.

Science, humanism and atheism were simply their own forms of religion and one class in particular called “Understanding the Times” jumped through hurdles and performed amazing aerobic routines to paint science, humanism and/or atheism as forms of religious faith. That somehow they demanded allegiance and were guilty of proselytization and control. These three religions were demonized to the hilt.

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North Carolina politics are a shit show, and I’m a registered voter there!

The Lt. Gov. of North Carolina Mark Robinson hides behind a veil of his version of Christianity to hurl vulgar insults at the LGBTQ community. And more recently, he demanded that he control the words that come out of a female senator’s mouth. You know. Because he’s a man. And women are the lesser sex.

I’m told by NC Christian friends that the LGBTQ issues that we read and hear about aren’t really true. That the majority of Christians support LGBTQ rights. But I’ve never once heard any of them actually decry statements from the Lt. Gov. or any other leader like Franklin Graham, who continue to bash homosexuals, because the Bible sayeth some stuff.

I have, on the other hand, heard Christian friends justify so-called locker room talk that boasted assaulting a married woman. But not once have I heard a protective word about any of my friends who are in dedicated marriages to their long-time partners and have better monogamy track records.

Regardless, I’m a registered NC voter and I’ll move mountains to get down there and vote in any elections. This backwoods, man-splaining bullshit hiding behind so-called Christianity is horrible.