North Carolina politics are a shit show, and I’m a registered voter there!

The Lt. Gov. of North Carolina Mark Robinson hides behind a veil of his version of Christianity to hurl vulgar insults at the LGBTQ community. And more recently, he demanded that he control the words that come out of a female senator’s mouth. You know. Because he’s a man. And women are the lesser sex.

I’m told by NC Christian friends that the LGBTQ issues that we read and hear about aren’t really true. That the majority of Christians support LGBTQ rights. But I’ve never once heard any of them actually decry statements from the Lt. Gov. or any other leader like Franklin Graham, who continue to bash homosexuals, because the Bible sayeth some stuff.

I have, on the other hand, heard Christian friends justify so-called locker room talk that boasted assaulting a married woman. But not once have I heard a protective word about any of my friends who are in dedicated marriages to their long-time partners and have better monogamy track records.

Regardless, I’m a registered NC voter and I’ll move mountains to get down there and vote in any elections. This backwoods, man-splaining bullshit hiding behind so-called Christianity is horrible.

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