ER Doctor quits job caring for Covid patients because Q

This Reddit post is a gut punch. An anonymous doctor tells in full detail why he’s leaving the ER where he has cared for patients for years. For any doubters, they can read his/her comment history to see that his infectious disease expertise is shared often with other redditers.

This is how the post starts:

“After more than three decades as a physician, the Q maniacs have succeeded in driving me out of providing care to patients. I, like many of my colleagues, am moving into medically-adjacent work, where we can continue to apply our training and decades off knowledge without ever having to come in contact with sick people.

“I’ve been able to deal with the years of patients who attended Google Medical School, and the hours wasted explaining things such as why cinnamon cannot be used to treat diabetes, or that garlic and beetroot can’t treat HIV. And Lord save me from essential oils.”

COVID and Q finally proved to be the one of amateur “experts” that was too much for me. The horrific deaths are beyond what you might imagine.

Then he/she goes into great detail about a 38 year old father, sick with covid, wants desperately to see his family, possibly for the last time, and the mother and children all come to the hospital. They refuse to don masks, so they aren’t let inside and the guy dies in wait. Then the mother attacks the doctor, breaking his/her nose and sending them to the ground to bang their head. The woman blamed the doctor. Calling them a murderer! Screaming at them for not using horse paste or Vitamin C and D.

This is where we are. Sure, not EVERYONE is behaving like this. But the crew that is is creating a shit storm for the rest of us who have come to depend on a society with experts as doctors. Shit, experts as most people who are established in their fields.

The people who are sowing doubt and ridicule toward the experts are to be punished and marginalized. But they grow in numbers with each Facebook post.

This doctor’s response to this post from a 16 year old who lives with a bunch of conspiracy nuts is particularly interesting. The good doctor writes: “The “mass media” is not funded by “the government.” You will notice, when people use these conspiracy theories, they never say who or how – just gigantic nouns (mass media, government.) Media companies are owned by shareholders – institutions and individuals who buy their stock. They are legally required to report where every dime they receive comes from. There are analysts on Wall Street who are paid 100s of 1000s of dollars each year to dig into those numbers, to assess them. If one dollar looks suspicious, they’ll write about it. Media companies have giant operations – TV, internet, cable, magazines, newspapers – all that are producing cash. If sales don’t match with cash, well, where did the money come from? How is “money from government” hidden? Second, the government produces a budget every year. It is publicly available. All of the supporting documents are publicly available. Republicans and democrats alike dig through it. How are secret payments to media companies hidden in there? They aren’t. This is just a nonsense conspiracy theory by people who don’t know how media companies work, how government works, and how finance works.”

I saw a bumper sticker on a friends’ that said you can’t trust the media. And it’s this perpetuation of mistrust that is killing people. Google-trained Doctors. Astute, life-experience trained professionals. They are who we put our trust in?

I heard Joe Rogan on a comedy station in the car yesterday. I almost turned it off. But he was banging on people who don’t believe in evolution. He clearly wanted to say he isn’t against faith, God or religion. But he’s like the experts who spend all their lives studying that stuff say we share 96% of a genome with monkeys. He said, “So if I gave you a sandwich that was 96% shit and 4% ham, would you believe me if I told you it was a ham sandwich?”

The people who want you to trust that everything the guy behind a pulpit says is true, wants you to believe that everything the guy says behind a news desk is false. Or even more frustrating, everything the guy says behind the news desk that you listen to is false, but everything spouted from the news desk that you love is true.

It’s life in a nightmare.

Here’s a ham sandwich and a smile. Enjoy.