Angie Reynolds vs covid. Who wins?

This Sorry Antivaxxer post is a nightmare. Fifty year old Angie Reynolds fell ill to Covid19 earlier this year, and is on the mend. At the onset, she dove into horse paste and vitamins, but surprisingly, that didn’t work.

She’s finally on the upswing after four months of being sick and two months (at least) of being hospitalized. But what does the upswing look like?

Her daughter updates her Facebook writing: “She doesn’t remember any of the last 2 months, so I can only imagine how confusing and frustrating it must be. She still can’t stand or walk, still can’t eat, drink or even swallow water.”

Could you imagine? One single bout of the China Flu and you lose four months of your life to a sickness, then only to get “better” and spend how long pushing that boulder up a steep slope to regain a “normal” life.

But hey, at least she didn’t leave her children without a mom. Don’t those Fauci memes seem so empty now?

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