When the monster he created rears its ugly head

Trump got boo’d in Texas for admitting to his cult followers that he got the booster jab and that they should, too.

The data showing Right Wing deaths and hospitalizations vs. Left Wing ones is starting to worry even the master of disaster.

Yesterday, and otherwise intelligent friend who has her booster, mentioned ivermectin in a laundry list of “helpful” approaches to getting sick with covid and I about spit out milk that wasn’t in my mouth.

How does anyone look at an anti-parasitic drug and think, “This would be good for fighting a virus.”

But here we are.

I’m posting another tweet below of an interview with Francis Collins in which he says the Trump administration asked him to push Hydrocloriquine, and if Ivermectin had hit the airwaves, I’m sure they would have asked him to push that too.

We’re so divided in this country that if I would have poo poo’d ivermectin to my friend, she would have cried it was a liberal talking point or she would have placated me. So I abstained.

In a land of non-politics that has become political, we are treading thin ice. It’s crazy.