RIGHT-WING GROUPS OPPOSED handouts while accepting them hand over fist

Because it’s okay for the morally superior to practice the immoralities that they shout about.

From the Intercept:

“GOVERNMENT SPENDING IS a HUGE problem,” the conservative video site PragerU tweeted in September 2019. “We must reinvest in Americans by giving them a hand up, not handouts,” the group wrote in another tweet that November with a video of then-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson discussing rehabilitation for incarcerated people titled, “Americans Need A Hand Up, Not Handouts.”

But last year, right-wing groups that have long opposed the concept of increased government spending on “handouts” were the recipients of more than $1.7 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans while seeing significant increases in contributions or net assets, according to new research from the government watchdog group Accountable.US. Last April, the Small Business Administration launched the $349 billion emergency loan program to help small businesses struggling at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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