Cawthorn: “I highly encourage you to [drop out of college].”

Madison Cawthorn is the epitome of, well, stupidity. He pushes conspiracy theories and misinformation. He was on stage at the Turningpoint USA conference telling the largely student audience to drop out of college.

How very Pol Pot of him.

And now he’s on record telling people not to get educations. Focus on home school.

I have a loved one who is bewildered that I’m not a believer and she blames my lack of belief on my education. When she found out I went to a conservative Christian college, she was flummoxed. She has only an 8th grade education, and she’s often in awe of the language in my texts. She often points out that she has to look up words or mesmerized by sentence structure.

I’m like, “My sentences are basic.” When I read books, I’m constantly in awe of other writers vocabularies and sentence structures.

Besides, what is it about Freewill that is so perplexing? If I’m free to choose, then choice isn’t a factor in whether I’m on the right team or not.

For the record, I watched the entire Jesse Watters bit that turned into a huge talking point yesterday, and Watters was clearly talking about ambushing Fauci with a phone and getting him on the record saying something stupid. The choice of words and the clips “the they” released were clearly out of context. Mind you, the choice of words are poor, and I can see the word choices being a problem.

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