Contemplating Twenty Twenty Two

May Twenty Twenty Two bring success, health, happiness and joy. 

With those superlatives there will surely be a peppery mix of ennui, lethargy and mundanity. Maybe even disappointment, challenge and obstacle. 

Sour notes can sometimes engage the senses in a way that ruminations of romantic ideologies cannot. 

I heard Twenty Twenty Two needs you to pursue it with all hands on deck. With gusto and enthusiasm. With a sense of spontaneity and caprice. 

Together, unified, harmonious, creative and free. Go, navigate Twenty Twenty Two. I hope we spend time with each other in some way, as often as possible, this year. 


***About the image below the fold***

I made the above image last year and didn’t share it for a few months.

The landscape is from a window in a condo we photographed. I added a portrait of me wearing only a gas mask. The gas mask was a vestige prop from a photoshoot but it got cut from the image.

The image represents the appeal to vulnerabilities, expression, to pondering existence. Church, religion, faith, God, Jesus, et al. that bundle of topics still occupy the majority of my brain’s real estate. I’m facing east, into the sun, not west into the sunset. I sit outside the church, but not above its height. It still towers over me, because almost everyone I know believes in some way of something bigger. Why? I feel like I understand, but yet don’t get it.

Thanks for taking a look.

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