Heartbreaking stories of Covid infections

This Sorry Antivaxxer post is a heartbreaker. The infected is a 48-year old guy named Brandon Notz, a military RN with a strong distaste and distrust of information surrounding the virus, government and the healthcare industry.

While the anti-vaccination perspective is not new, one nuance to this story is Brandon’s wife and her epic social media posts detailing what Brandon (and others) are going through in the hospital/ICU/Emergency wards.

Read the post for yourself (or listen). Brandon’s wife Wendy included a short blip about a young 12 year old girl admitted to the ICU on a vent whose parents cannot see her, because of Covid protocols and they’re devastated.

Wendy talks about how Brandon’s lost parts of his lungs. That should he ever recover from being tethered to a vent, the battle to full recovery will take years. She details her experience with clarity and we would all do well to at least give her a listen.

I heard a story the other day about a guy my parents knew who died of Covid. How he had a deathbed pro-vaccination conversion, but it was too late.

But people are still awarded their “freedom” to listen to differing opinions, because it’s ‘murica.

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