August 16 to September 3 is a lifetime

This Sorry Antivaxxer post about Cy Nunez is heart breaker.

Nunez was an anti-vaxxing, Joe Biden hating, mask despising, Trump loving, God-fearing gentleman of just 56 years old. He announced that he contracted Covid on August 16, 2021. He posted frequently within that time frame about the inefficacy of masks.

He bragged he felt fine.
He kept gardening.
He took care of his wife sick with covid.

Cy departed the world on September 3, 2021.

Two short weeks with a flu. A flu that wouldn’t have killed him if he just understood the simple concepts behind vaccinations. His post in the hospital where he says, “I just want to hold my wife” will tear at your heart. If it doesn’t, check your pulse.

I’ll post the announcement video and the final video below the fold. They are showing up huge on my computer screen. So you might want to head to the link in the first line to view them.

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