In Charleston, there were gun shots fired near a children’s baseball game

This is fucking insane. The audio from this video sounds like a war zone in the Ukraine.

I was in North Carolina earlier this year having a conversation about liberalism vs. conservatism and our views on guns. I expressed that liberals aren’t anti-gun. They are pro-regulation to maintain guns in responsible owners’ hands and out of irresponsible ones.

An otherwise smart person asked me through a straight face, “Why do liberals want to take away guns as soon as there’s a shooting?”

I almost spit my drink.

“Because we want to advocate for people to stay alive.”

When the topic turned to, “But but but … there are regulations.”

I brought up that the data shows that other countries do not have this problem of gun violence in their countries and perhaps we can learn from them. That statement was met with heat nods, but seemed to move away from it.

I can’t tell you how disturbing it is to hear otherwise intelligent people bemoan liberals’ views on guns when it seems we all want people to stay alive.

When do we talk about gun responsibility? There never seems to be a downtime between mass shootings.

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