Advice from strangers

It’s very little mystery that Naked Pastor David Hayward is one of my favorite humans of all time. He pushes himself to be creative. He’s a self aware, deconstructed (deconstructing?) evangelical with a penchant for artistically expressing complex thoughts and ideas.

He has posted the above cartoon before. The correlation between being spiritual/religious and being a dick is directly connected.

On the other hand, the more of a dick you are, the less you can identify how big of a dick you are.

Or you’re like me, and you have to grapple with your own dick-ish-ness, and push to be less of one in general.

Apropos, I just saw this list over at Kottke. It’s a collection of a 70 year old’s wishes his old self knew then what he thinks now. It’s a great list, and I could probably quote the whole thing. But take a look for yourselves.

Here are some standouts for me:

• Dont keep making the same mistakes; try to make new mistakes.

• Anything you say before the word “but” does not count.

• Whenever there is an argument between two sides, find the third side.

• The biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I dont need to write this down because I will remember it.”

• 90% of everything is crap. If you think you don’t like opera, romance novels, TikTok, country music, vegan food, NFTs, keep trying to see if you can find the 10% that is not crap.

• Dont believe everything you think you believe.

• You see only 2% of another person, and they see only 2% of you. Attune yourselves to the hidden 98%.

• Dont purchase extra insurance if you are renting a car with a credit card.

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