Oliver North (former NRA president) blames recent mass shootings on “driving God out of our culture”

This won’t be the only time we hear the argument that “driving god out of our culture” is the reason for gun violence as awful as what we saw in Uvalde, Tx.

Yet this very argument is what drives the argument for God further and further from validity.

The argument that’s used to define God is that he’s everywhere all the time. And if he’s not praised by human lips, the mountains will praise him. God/Jesus himself made this very declaration.

So if he’s everywhere all the time and something somewhere is giving him praise, he shouldn’t be so insecure as to stand with arms crossed in a classroom in Uvalde Texas while 19 children are filled with bullets and bleed all over their best friends.

Every time a 2nd Amendment “Christian” makes this argument for “we need more God in our culture” is taking his/her/their argument and flushing it down the toilet.

We get it. Some people want more God in culture. And the calls for more God trump all other calls, because the dude who’s not there, who is all powerful and all knowing and all loving and supreme justice and created the ENTIRE universe needs more attention or he’ll keep America wailing, because we deserve violence against children … so He can finally get the praise he deserves.

Sounds so good I might convert back to the flock.

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