Jordan Klepper makes Trump supporters watch clips of the January 6th hearings

The above clip is certainly not a representation of every Trump supporter, I hope, but it’s an entertaining dive into who’s on Team Trump Cult of Blissful Ignorance.

We’ve been watching the January 6 hearings, only missed part of yesterday’s because of work and will likely go back and watch what we missed.

The takeaway for us has been this: the hearings give us some kind of rejuvenated faith in the government and in some of the people who wield power. Almost every witness has been republican and openly support conservative values. But non of them stand for the lawlessness that embodied trump’s attempt to steal the election.

The hearings are absent of pomp and bombast. People are clear-headed and thoughtful. There’s no arguing or Jim Jordan style machine gun assholery. It’s plain speak.

Politics shouldn’t be this divisive, to the point that the other team deserves to be hated, or even put to death, as I’ve heard many political pundits drop on the medias.

But whatever.

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