sadness and the incredible likeness of idiocy

Yesterday, we drove from NC to Chicago. Somewhere in Ohio, just outside of Dayton, we stopped for gas and to pee.

With the heat, we don’t leave our dog Josie alone in the car so we take turns using the facilities. On my way into the gas station, I spotted two people at their Harley Davidson filling it with gas. They are pictured above. But this is after their tank is filled.

When I came out, this is how I saw them. It took little time for me to notice a lit cigarette in the man’s hands between two fingers.

It stopped me in my tracks. I stared at him and wondered, should I run to my car, yell for Tina and Jo to get in, and peel off before that place went up in an explosive blaze of moronic derpy derp derp

I whipped out my phone, snapped this pic before speeding my walk, getting in our car and shooting off, pointing out to Tina & Josie that the nutbag on the Harley was at the pump with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

This guy is a metaphor for America. While the majority are reasonable people, engines off, filling their tanks without lighted cigarettes, cigars, or other open flames in hand, this dumbass thinks he’s smarter, above the law, and the welfare of the otherwise decent people are now in his mercy. His selfish, anti-life, anti-rules behavior is loud and clear.

It’s a stretch to blame this on former President Trump, but it is entirely his fault.

Just kidding.

It’s yours.

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