Five Rules of Being a Grown-Up

You must not have anything wrong with you, or anything different about you.

If you have something wrong or different about you, you really need to correct it. You need to be able to pass under all circumstances.

If you can’t correct it, or change it in any way, you should just pretend that you have. It’s not a problem anymore. Good news!

If you can’t even pretend not to have corrected the situation, you should just not show up, because it’s very painful for the rest of us to see you in your current condition.

If you’re going to insist on showing up, you should at least have the decency to be ashamed.

– Salon Tom Weston’s Five Rules of Being A Grown-Up

MTG: “White men are the most persecuted identity in America.”

She also says that persecuted white men turn to porn and video games when they are oppressed.

White men. White American men. White, straight American men … We enjoy the most privileged position on the planet.

I know, because I am one. Anyone who says differently misunderstands persecution, oppression, and privilege. Like the quote in the responding tweet, “When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

I’ve heard white men complain they lack rights, but not once heard what rights they seem to lack.

Conversation killers unite

This thread I read about a historian’s interaction with a Trumpian conspiracy theory laden elder woman is a good one. Trump has done nothing but to push his cult followers to great lengths of crazy defenses for indefensible actions and words.

When I try to have a general conversation with a Trump supporter, it turns so weird so fast. Laughably weird. And like this guy’s experience, when you hear the crazy and laugh, it pisses them off. It’s as if they want desperately to be taken seriously, and are crushed when the shit they say is funny rather than worth a listen.

But the biggest lesson from this thread is just how quickly an otherwise innocuous discussion turns political rather than connective. The guy was chasing seagulls with his kids at the beach and the elderly woman thought it was nice. The somewhat one-way conversation goes south.

What is it about the Trump supporter that requires a one-way discussion? My family and friends will make comments about liberals and their agenda, and when I negate their views influenced by the “news” with insider liberal perspective, it’s like they would rather believe the media than the person to whom they say things like, “I love you” to .

Anyway, check the thread below. Enjoy.

Ethan Siegel: How to prove the Big Bang with an old TV set

Ethan Siegel at Starts with a Bang writes:

One of the wildest predictions of the Big Bang, which asserts that today’s Universe arose from an early, hot, dense state, is that there should be a leftover, low-energy bath of radiation permeating the whole of space. 

When you calculate what the wavelength of that radiation ought to be today, many billions of years later, it turns out to be just right to interact with an old television set’s “rabbit ear” antennae. 

If you turn an old TV set to channel 03, about 1% of that static-like “snow” you see originates from the Big Bang itself, enabling you to “discover” the Big Bang with an old TV set under the right conditions.

Read the rest at Starts with a Bang

The so-called party of law and order is upset by law and order

The disunited vocal explosion in defense of the indefensible are trying to out scream each other on the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-lago yesterday.

Convicted felon and Trump-pardoned Bernard Kerik says:

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Reason #529,251 voting red is off the table

Absolute bullshit. ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.