“Your beliefs do not make something true.”

I walked away from religion for many reasons. But if it had to be summed up into an elevator pitch, what this judge says to Alex Jones is a perfect sentence.

Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it true.

The people who believe Alex Jones already believe in magic and irrational “proof” of spirit worlds, demons, gods and afterlife. Taking Alex Jones out will only make the world a better place.

This new movie about hell being real is quite something:

We drive to and from Chicago several times a year. Within the first 30 mins of the drive, we pass a billboard that reads, “JESUS IS REAL” on one side and “HELL IS REAL” on the other.

Just because people repeat that some shitty belief is real doesn’t make it so. And using it in conversation or on billboards is driving people away from pews. Thank God.

congratulations are in order

I grew up in a Rush Limbaugh-loving home. At the time, it mesmerized me that he could speak with hardly any ums. But really listening to him set my brain ablaze. He was truly and awful human. If only there were an Al-Anon for people who listen to shitty people on TV, Internet and radio.