The power of alternate currencies

This woman’s explanation for why some people are latched unwaveringly to the Trump train is a clear and concise way of saying what I say often.

I’m a creative person, and if it weren’t for the need to pay bills, I would do my art for free. I’m lucky to make my living as a commercial artist. But what I need to survive is creation, not necessarily a paycheck.

The capital/currency of appreciation and admiration goes a LONG way. Much farther than a number on my bank statement.

The metaphor extends to others as well. The downtrodden are so empty for validation, that Trump fulfills that spot in a way that creates an undying, blind allegiance to a man who gives two shits about his constituents and fans.

He said it himself. He loves the poorly educated. He’s dominated that market with appeals to their base side. He gives wings to their inner desire to live free of restraint. To dig into their racisms and bigotries and have someone else that gives them permission to vocalize it.

Permissions to live with a free wagging tongue is essentially the same as a particular kind of personality winning the lottery.

You see it when you talk to people who LOVE Trump. Trump is a breath of their fresh air. He gives wings to snakes.

Check the video. See what you think.