Study: Christians in the US could be a minority group by 2070

From the Guardian:

Christians in the US may become a minority group by 2070 if recent trends continue, according to data released by the Pew Research Center.

To predict how the US religious landscape will change over the next 50 years, the center posed several questions: “What if Christians keep leaving religion at the same rate observed in recent years? What if the pace of religious switching continues to accelerate? What if switching were to stop, but other demographic trends – such as migration, births and deaths – were to continue at current rates?”

The center modeled four hypothetical scenarios, based on trends including no switching, steady switching, rising disaffiliation with limits and rising disaffiliation without limits.

Read the whole thing.

It’s not a surprise that Christianity’s hold is declining. If I made it to 2022 as a Christian, this year I’d abandon it for sure. What a mess.

I’m surprised the majority decline didn’t happen in 1870. Let alone 1970. For this prediction to still take another 48 years seems a bit much.

It’s not that difficult to see through the flimsy arguments for the cause. And it’s easier to use Christ as a role model without the flaccid promises of faith.

But good for 2070.


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