Republicans slither away from opposing Obamacare

One of the most confusing talking points among Republicans whom I know well, friends and family, was they repeated the idea that they wanted to dismantle Obamacare. My wife and I benefit from the ACA, but yet friends and family backed the idea that politicians wanted it gone.

Well, it looks like republicans finally figured out that it was/is a lost cause, because they learned how well it’s working for constituents throughout the country. Removing it would be a certain death nell.

But it was the party over family mentality that was disturbing. I’m sure there will be vestiges of it rearing its head, but this should never have been a controversy. Helping people should be the priority of all Americans. And yet, attaching a black president to it made it somehow evil.

Also, kind of hope filling, is this sentiment from a thread (posted) below that Trump’s popularity in red America is declining. Albeit anecdotally, whatever praise anyone has for that guy should vanish within the year. We all deserve better leadership in the world.