reasons why we can’t have a simple conversation

From her own weird mouth, Kari Lake called for decreasing education time and to roll back Obamacare. She said, “Who says we have to have this many hours of science, this many of math and history? We can change that up.”

Less time for education?

This country needs MORE education. Less education keeps people in the dark. It makes them look at the world with limited vision and understanding, thus decreasing the ability to understand others.

Take, for example, Biden’s speech last night. Calling for civility and condemning violence resulted in Fox News chyron-ing that he was being divisive, smearing of republicans & called him an election denier. How anyone sees Joe Biden as a threat while a the other dude spent 4 years calling people names like an 8th grader is beyond understanding.

Don’t like Biden? Great. But how anyone supports lunacy like this kind of blatant, bald-face lying divides us further.

You can’t ask friends and family to be civil anymore. They drop every FoxNews talking point in the book, rather than have a decent conversation. I have had recent conversations where all I feel like is that I’m talking to an anchor on FoxNews. No real creativity in thought and nightmare to try and associate with.

Covid? Just a flu. Only 200 people are dying a day. Really? Well, it’s 366 people dying a day at the moment and we’re inching toward winter.

“I have social security but it’s not socialism.” Social security not only has social in the title, people think that the earnings they received in 1960s and 1970s dollars can even remotely come close to covering 2022’s inflated prices, what with Joe Biden at the helm sinking this ship.

“I’m not racist. I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps and so should ‘they!'” Yeah, the people in America who were enslaved for most of this country’s history then had little to no rights until the 60s and still experience a huge percentage of American inequality, sure you know exactly where they are coming from.

“The problem with American economy is women voters.” I don’t know where to begin. Equality is only for men, but all people are created equal.

Universal Healthcare won’t work. Man. If Christians led the charge on helping all people get healthcare, it would be the biggest boon for Jesus could ever happen. The biggest win for healthcare administrators universal pockets was convincing Christians that American values don’t include healthcare for all second only to Christmas is to celebrate Christ.

I think the argument against universal healthcare from anyone who believes in the grace and mercy at the God of the Holy Bible level is inadvertently making the best argument for disbelief. But hey, what do I know about mercy and grace for all?

I desperately want people to start prioritizing friends and family over the political bullshit. If it’s some prevalent in one’s vocabulary that we can’t go an hour without it, there’s a huge problem.

I have several friends who can’t talk to their parents anymore because of how brainwashed their parents are to interject bull-headed, so-called politics into every conversation. But it’s more than that. It’s human decency that bothers me. How can we be friends if you don’t understand how saying you’re not racist while being racist is hypocritical at best and asinine at worse?

Go out and be good, y’all. XO.

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