Do people insert politics into otherwise apolitical situations?

During a recent lunch with friends, I became angered by someone inserting politics into a situation where no politics belonged.

Let me explain.

There were five of us at a pizza place in a small town 20 minute drive from our house in North Carolina. It was me, my wife Tina and three friends. We’ll call them Bill, Mary & Monica.

Tina sells purses online, and just before we left the house, she received an inquiry about one of her bags. While at the restaurant, she tried to send/receive messages, but she complained she could not.

“See,” she said holding out her phone, “This won’t send.” I looked at her screen, first at the message and then up to the top right of her iPhone screen.

“You’ve only got one bar of reception,” I pointed out. “We must be in a dead zone.” I checked my phone, and tried to download a webpage from my browser. It timed out. It wouldn’t load.

“Yeah, I’ve got no reception either, hun, I don’t either.” I said for all to hear. I was sitting next to Bill and his phone was in his hand. “Bill lemme see your phone.”

A beat passed. Confirmed. One bar, too.

“Yeah, man,” I said. “You don’t have reception either.”

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