Florence & the Machine, Stan from TYWKIWDBI & My wife all have something in common

The above music video from Florence & The Machine is a beautiful song, gorgeous message, broadly entertaining and there’s a reason to stick it out till the end. Take a look.

My wife Tina LOVES Bill Nighy, who is in the video linked above. He’s an English actor, and just a delightful person to watch do his craft.

Apparently Stan from TYWKIWDBI loves him too and has recommended a couple movies on his site. This link goes to the full movie on YouTube for The Girl in the Cafe. And this is a trailer for a movie called “Living.”

Anyway, on your paths to good cinema and diversions, take a look. The opening to “The Girl in the Cafe” features a great song from Damien Rice, posted below, with the amazing backup vocals from Lisa Hannigan, who I’ve posted here before, but I’ll post a favorite from her as well.

I seem to remember Damien Rice getting a little miffed that Lisa Hannigan inadvertently upstaged him in recordings and shows and ended up stopping working with her over the jealousy.


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