Short film break: Takashi Ito: “Thunder”

This short film from Akashi Ito is a stop motion photographic marvel. If you have trouble with blinking lights, please don’t press play.

I saw it on the streaming archival motion picture website that I mentioned the other day: CathodeTV. And while I can’t say enough great things about the site, it’s not for everyone. It took me a little over a year to really understand how it worked and to get into it. But I’m hooked, and a true Cathodian Cult Member.

The movies are lightyears better than most movies that come out of Hollywood. Even the shittiest films on Cathode offer more soul and effort than the most Hollywood of all Hollywood movies.

I’ve been watching religiously for about a year now, and haven’t really talked much about it, because I’m worried it’ll get too popular and some nutbag will come and shut it down.

Enjoy the movie and lemme know what you think, my one reader.

Ha. Just kidding. I’m delighted to see that we’re getting between 25 and 50 hits a day. Which ain’t much, but worth the price of entry.


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