“Glory be! Whatevah did happen in these he-ah midteeeehhhhms?”

Back in 2020 around this time when places like Chicago were bursting with joy over the results of the presidential election, I spoke with conservative friends who said they accepted the results and that they looked forward to the 2022 midterms because the pendulum ALWAYS swings the other way after a swing in favor of Democrats.

At the time, I was like, “Yeah, right.”

It echoed in my head often over the next two years until this week when the expected pendulum swing, red tsunami was supposed to bring a catastrophic red super power back and re-balance the unbalanced scales of society.

And as we all know, Tuesday night and the days that followed showed us that voters, mainly young and female, are voting en masse for democratic candidates.

The Republican machine went into overdrive trying to figure out what went wrong. But what went wrong is conservative politics, which had been working for, what, 30 or 40 years on their effort to overturn Roe v Wade, won their battle and then lost the war. The dog caught the car and got dragged under the tires and spit out the other side.

I saw pundits saying that woman on the left are brainwashed. I saw them say they need to get married so that their conservative husbands can steer them right which resonates with me, because I’ve seen it attempted in someone my age (upper 40s) and not work. But I’ve seen it work many times in boomer households where the “man” rules the roost. You have Hannity saying he never predicted a red tsunami. When he really did.

But keep broadcasting this kind of shit and you’ll keep losing. It’s partly the representation on TV that is getting so many people to NOT vote red. How anyone can get behind a hype machine is beyond me.

The religious conservatives who are chasing culture war clashes are also what’s losing the battle for American political seats. I was brainwashed to be conservative, and somehow I managed to set myself free. The minute that republicans can at least move away from invisible battles into visible ones, they’d be better off in a heart beat.

When I see stuff like below, it makes it worth while. But it’s a reminder that conservative politics are way too obsessed with the invisible that it takes precedent over what really matters.

Blame it on the demons? Okay, genius.

If republicans are to win again with any decisive margins, they’d do well to stop waiving a an anti gay flag, retract their stance on abortion in all cases, raise their very low bar of decent discourse, and stop marching lock step with party over country and especially party over family.

If we collectively turned off all TV media where the discourse is heated and angry, we would all benefit. Calm comes from calm. Storms create chaos and discord.

For the love of country, turn all that shit off.


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