We pro-vaxxers have been saying this since the vaccine rollout was bungled

In a recent tweet, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote: “Vaccine hesitancy, which was much higher among Republican voters than Democrats during COVID, led to disproportionate deaths among conservatives, and may have cost them the mid-term elections in close races.”

Back in 2021 when the vaccine rolled out and an alarming number of right-wingers “did their research” and determined that the vaccine was rushed and therefore unsafe, and actually deadly, caused magnetism, inserted a tracker chip into your body, etc., the overwhelming number of liberals looked across the aisle, shrugged our collective shoulders and said, “Good.”

I’ve written that I hoped that Covid would increase scientific awareness, but it seems to have done the exact opposite. Whoever was able to convince so many red-voters to fear getting saved from a deadly virus via a little shot deserves an awkward award for doing what should be impossible.

But nothing is impossible with some kinds of people and boy, did they outshine each other on that one. Hell, if they didn’t die of Covid, they might have been too tired to vote because of long Covid.

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