An astronomer debates a flat earther

This somewhat viral debate between Dave Farina and a guy named Dave Weiss who goes by FlatEarthDave is, well, a lesson in patience and a challenge to one’s wits.

Two things are painful about it: 1) Dave Weiss is willfully ignorant & 2) Dave Farina gets name cally and verbally aggressive.

Even with incredibly detailed evidence for a round earth (I can’t believe I have to write “round”), Dave Weiss continued to defend his views. The arctic vs antarctic star movement should destroy EVERYTHING Dave Weiss says or thinks. But somehow he keeps racing to say it’s not relevant, because it’s looking up. If visual undeniable evidence doesn’t stop an argument, there’s absolutely nothing one can do to meet a person to discuss reality.

A spherical earth sits on a bedrock of scientific ingenuity. A flat earth sits on a pile of garbage in which people refuse even a soupçon of scientific discovery. Everything that the flat earther rejects, they seem to call “fake” or “faked.” Just a lot of politicians with a penchant for narcism.

The flat earther argument – if you can call it that – is a microcosm for the debate now between so-called politics and the common household discussion about reality. So often, conservatives hide behind basic levels of ignorance as a political stance. If a person sides with scientific understanding of the world, he or she is thereby a liberal and therefore the conservative can simply say he or she is being politically challenged … and you can’t change a person’a politics.

Yet, scientific literacy has nothing to do with a political stand. If we can all look at the same evidence and deduce different results because one’s political position would be compromised, where then do we find common ground.

The latest response to these “political” differences of “opinion is to designate these differences as “wokeness”.

Woke. The buzzword of the ages.

Woke = everything that conservatives don’t agree with. Ron DeSantis has popularized this word. And no matter how many times you ask what that means, it always points to some political disagreement.

Yet, to call something else woke means one of two things: 1) the name caller is “more woke” than the “woke” person. Or 2) the name caller is asleep living in a dream world.

Dreams are great. But they are individualized subjectivities. And anytime anyone tells you a dream, the listener is yawning and over it before it started.


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