Ann Coulter: “How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must”

My wife Tina picks up books for me at one of her favorite thrift store haunts while she searches for vintage purses to list on her resale shop. The other day, she hit a book jackpot. Sometimes she buys books just to get them out of circulation. Other times, I’m legitimately interested in browsing the pages.

Among the finds this week, she brought home Ann Coulter’s “How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must).” She opens the book, guns a blazing claiming that any conversation with a liberal will always turn to rubbish arguments and that liberals can’t stay on topic, because it always will result in a smattering of conspiracy laden theories deriding Nixon, oil, neoconservatives … and she goes as far as race baiting, “Oddly enough, about half of liberal conspiracy theories involve the Jews. So be prepared for that.”

The book then goes on a 350-page stream of conscious rant of conspiracy theories about the Clintons, Monica Lewinsky, government-commissioned sacrilegious art, the Civil War, and how she was approached by a mugger in her “nice” neighborhood in Washington DC in which she wishes she had a gun, but it’s illegal there. The mugger knew it. She knew it. But goddamn these liberals who won’t let her carry a pistol.

Story about a mugger: One Hundred Percent Bull Shit.

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