The psychoses of depravity

Yesterday was an interesting day.

We met my folks, sister and brother for breakfast. It was a lovely time, and I cherish every second of it.

I spent a lot of time yesterday with my thoughts about how fortunate I am. I look at my wife, my family, my life, and realize that where I am is exactly where I want to be. I’m surrounded by the best friends and family I’ve ever been surrounded by.

I cherish every bit of who I am, who I’m surrounded by and who loves me.

A friend of the family died about a week and a half ago. And my parents went to the funeral yesterday afternoon.

I called my mom after the service, because I thought about how emotional it is that people her age, people she’s known for most of her adult life are gone. They are dying off. She spent valuable time with this woman. And now she’s gone. My mom knows their kids, and their kids. And it’s the kind of relationship that survived the tests of time.

I remembered the woman as kind of mean. She was strict with her kids and when we played with her kids, she was strict with us.

But she was who she was. And I’m sure her personality was tested over time and that those tests rendered the woman she became and who she was when she died.


What a weird and inevitable demise.

The world existed without her before she was born and it will exist without her as she’s passed.

No amount of effort or determination can change that.

People in their lives do stupid and whimsical things. They hurt because of reasons that are inexplicable. They take aim at others because of psychoses of depravity and irrationalized ruminations of beguiled emotions.

People erect walls where none need erection.

Rather than forgive, they lash out, juvenilely and ignorantly.

Those people do not belong in your life. Definitely not in mine.

As I look out over the topography and tapestry of my world, I revel in the fact that I’ve surrounded myself with creative, fun, constructive people. People who support and love. People who live selflessly and profoundly.

And that, dear reader, is what means everything.