Why We Believe In Gods

This is a long video, I know.  I’m only expecting one of you to sit through the entire 45 minutes.  That person is you.  Yes, I mean you.

Dr. Andy Thomson gave this talk balk in 2009 at the American Atheist Convention.  He is an engaging speaker, at least by comparison to lectures I have sat through in the past, and the subject is one that fascinates me no end.

The funny thing that occurs to me as I watch this video is how much of this I have already figured out.  The common sense conclusion that religion is the offspring of imparting the evolutionary advantageous concepts of intention and agency to our larger existence is something that I have often thought about myself.  To know that this hypothesis is increasingly being vindicated by real science is fascinating and exciting.  That there are more pieces to the puzzle than I ever imagined is both intriguing and unsurprising.   Watch this video.

Best line (that I’m sure he borrowed):

We are, and we now know- risen apes and not fallen angels.

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Did Someone Say “Wednesdog”?

Wow!  It’s Wednesdog already.  It seems like only a week ago that I was introducing you to Khoal.

This episode of Wednesdog comes to us from my cousin Jeff and his beautiful boxer Rusty.  Rusty is a six year old boxer who still thinks he is a puppy.  He loves his little sister Kaitlin and looks forward to the new edition coming to his family in the next few weeks.

Every time I visit my cousin, I can depend on lots of Rusty kisses- but you have to ask for them first.

You don’t, as a rule, need to ask him for his snout in your crotch.  That, he gives freely. Continue reading “Did Someone Say “Wednesdog”?”