A dramatic argument for visiting Iceland

The drama, the shouting, the shaking of fists and wagging of fingers … cannot me seen here.


Vox: What the US gets wrong about minimum wage

Vox took the time to explain minimum wage in very clear terms. Take a look.

The American federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in a decade. That’s the longest wait since the US first set a minimum wage in 1938. Today, Congress is debating whether they should raise it again. But the fact that Congress has to debate it at all is… kind of weird. In the US, unlike in other developed countries, the minimum wage is a political issue. That means it gets raised irregularly and unpredictably. And that causes a bunch of problems for American workers and businesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

“He’s coming back, you know”

A little over a week ago, I drove back to Chicago alone to photograph a home so that Tina could stay in North Carolina to oversee the final renovations of our house we bought … here in the Yeshua Fog.

While I was gone, the painter who worked on the house stopped in to fix a window that broke while a contractor was scraping excess paint from around the glass. Continue reading ““He’s coming back, you know””

Marianne Williamson is as woo as they get

I saw clips of Marianne Williamson wowing the world with some zingers the other night at the democratic debate. Then I saw some scant headlines about how she’s defending herself from being New Age.

Then I saw this page from one of her books and I kinda have to side with the idea she’s all woo and no substance.


Yes, sickness is an “illusion,” Marianne. That’s right. All those folks dying of all kinds of diseases are making it up. If only they had the mental fortitude to overcome their delusions of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart disease, etc etc.

Good for her for ruffling some feathers and getting attention, but damn. I’m not impressed with this level of weird.