I dream of octopi

This video is fun, quick glance at a sleeping octopus changing color. It’s amazing.

what you do … counts

This is a great short, viable solution film for advocating ideas for solving climate change.

It’s certainly striking that Greta Thunberg is so loved by many and so telling that she’s hated and demonized by others (this one is a gem). Demonization means fear. And fear comes from insecurity and ignorance.

Dropping the kids off in the forest …

From a story about a Dutch tradition called, “Dropping.”

The Dutch — it is fair to say — do childhood differently. Children are taught not to depend too much on adults; adults are taught to allow children to solve their own problems. Droppings distill these principles into extreme form, banking on the idea that even for children who are tired, hungry and disoriented, there is a compensatory thrill to being in charge.