This mask muzzling my freedom!

There’s a raging political conspiracy and controversy in this nation. It’s not abortion. It’s not religious liberty. It’s not the environment or global warming. It’s not even LGBTQ rights.

It’s whether or whether not to … bum bum bah … wear a mask in public.

The above video is a funny take on two dudes giving out free masks at a beach in Orange County. The responses to the offer of free masks ranges from anger to proselytization. Only two guys take masks on camera.

I’ve written about this controversy before. And I think if people could manage to associate how they can smell cigarette smoke from large distances, they can reasonably assume that breath droplets are reaching their mouths and noses from further away than they might assume.

Back when smoking was aloud in bars and restaurants, imagine how that smoke hung in the air around a pool table from all those awful smokers. just hangs there. And when you wake up in the morning, unshowered, you are covered in other people’s breath.

It would be great if coronavirus patients would think about it in terms of a deformity, like a cold sore. Oddly enough cold sores are viral infections that flare up during certain times, like stress. People who have them go out of their way to cover them up.

Maybe if they thought of coronavirus as an ugly bloody stain on their lips that may infect them and pop up every so often, they’d consider doing their best to avoid this plague … like the plague.

Or gosh, what about that other viral infection called Chickenpox? It’s a viral infection that once you have, sits dormant in your little body until some people are inflamed with shingles, that painful issue that some adults experience and claim to hate so much.

It’s very curious to me that the same people who are disbelieving this “invisible” monster tend to believe in another invisible set of characters: God, Jesus, the Devil and demons. Oh, and Angels. Without so much of an ounce of proof, these same people claim, without irony or evidence, that they know — they KNOW — that what they believe is true.

It’s as if their tiny brains are already packed with belief in invisible monsters and no other invisible monster will occupy any of that cerebral real estate.

Or there’s the argument that we won’t let the government regulate our lives. Look at cars! There are speed limits, but I can defy them … and I do … unless I get caught, then I get a ticket. So wait, there are consequences to defying the regulations? I don’t get it.

And why does the government regulate safety standards on car makers? I mean, it’s my choice to do 120 mph while drunk? I’m not hurting anyone right?

Why are there drunk driving regulations? My body. My choice.

Why do I have to wear this restrictive fabric over my chest and waist?

My body. My choice!

This driving is deadly argument so why get in a car is getting exhausted by bleeding heart conservatives who think it’s clever. Breaking news: it’s dumb as rocks.

Why are there methods of safety like airbags, engine drops, bumpers in our metal cages surrounding my body and those I love while I hurl 70 mph down the highway?

On top of that, traffic fatalities dropped to almost zero during the initial lockdown. And have been on the rise exponentially since the re-opening. So let me get this straight? Few to little drivers on the roads resulted in less traffic fatalities? Who’d a thunk it? So to decrease the number of something, we do less of that thing? To avoid spreading disease, we do less of the things that spread that disease? God, if only science had an answer for how disease spreads and how to avoid it. Damn.

Government Fascists!

Don’t the damn government fascists not know that I’m going to heaven when I die?

Smoking causes cancer. I don’t need nobody telling me what to do.

Overeating causes weight gain, possibly heart disease, possibly stroke, death. God, please don’t tell me what to do.

Alcohol will shut your body down. Don’t tell me what to do.

Coronavirus is spread by droplets in our respiratory system and pretending to be a doctor in surgery for hours at a time with a face covering is proving to be a great hinderer of spreading the disease.

New Zealand hasn’t seen a new case in over 2 weeks. Anywhere in Asia that appears to have implemented facemasks appear to have diminished new cases.

But don’t be a sheep, right?


It’s not even a remote stretch to throw that moniker at Christians. They literally believe that they are part of a flock shepherded by Jesus Christ himself. If they stray from the flock, he leaves the flock and saves the missing sheep. He loves them that much.

But gullible sheep are the ones befuddled and convinced by science that the thing that works for doctors and nurses to protect themselves and their patients from disease spread, also cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

I might be a sheep, but what’s been proven by science to protect doctors, nurses and patients is either a gigantic hoax covering decades of safety implementation or … masks and de-sanitizing stuff FUCKING WORKS.

The fake news is claiming that ICUs in several southern states are overwhelmed. But that threat doesn’t bother a lot of folks. That’s not enough to encourage masks.

The political divide is much more of an enjoyable ride than the discomfort of wearing something over the face for 15 minutes while you load your grocery cart with shit food and underpriced Chinese products.

A couple of things regarding this virus in America are for sure:

  • Asking out of respect or love doesn’t work.
  • Spreading information about the facts do not work.
  • Shaming does not work.
  • Signs don’t work.

Not wearing a fucking mask is a rite of passage. It’s what separates the goodies from the baddies. Consequences be damned.

Seatbelts in planes and cars. That’s fine. The consequences of not wearing one? Well, you could be hurt or killed should an accident happen. Accidents are rare, but when they happen, they happen. And it seems that many people would rather live than die.

The consequences of being a diabetic and not taking that damn insulin discovered by science? pain? inconvenience? Nah, death.

The consequences of smoking cigarettes? Lung and throat cancer. Gee, I dunno. Science?

The consequences of sex? Pregnancy. Not every time. Only a percentage of the time But it’s pretty common. To decrease the possibility, we use condoms. To almost eliminate pregnancy, condoms + birth control. God, imagine that. Science that prevents pregnancy. Condoms are known to prevent disease, too. Huh. Wow. Weird.

The consequences of listening to loud noise over time: deafness. How to prevent said issue? Covering your ears. Well, damn, why should I be told to cover my ears? My body my choice.

The consequences of masturbation? Blindness. Oh wait. That’s bullshit spread by the church.

As stated, since it’s some so-called believers who seem to pioneer the divide between wearers and non-wearers of masks, they need to stop enjoying the conveniences of science. No seatbelts. No access to healthcare. No access to medicines. No access to research and discoveries from the past few centuries and beyond.

Or you can go on believing that this dude in his sleeveless shirt has more information to scientific knowledge than science. The video linked above will not age well. He’s claiming that New York and New Jersey are blue states and have no right to criticize red southern states because they aren’t seeing deaths like the blue states …

I hope his followers ask him what’s up in the next couple weeks when the deaths in the red states leap frog NY and NJ by horrendous bounds.

Also, please answer why God chose to send his son 2000 years ago in a place where no one had cameras or ability to prove any of the story that means so much? God: “I’m going to wait till the late 1800s to invent film and another 50 years to create motion picture cameras and another 100 years to fit everyone’s phones with cameras, almost everyone will have one, they will document every fucking thing they do, but this advancement would be impossible for the guy who created everything all at once from nothing, made it “perfect” but just not that perfect, because the battles against diabetes and cancer wouldn’t develop until YEARS upon YEARS after that so-called perfect creation.

Yours truly,

Sheepy McSheepysheep.

casting a critical eye on all media as being part lie, part truth, part bias

Year after year, we get the benefit of a “free” social media site. I use Facebook to advertise my photography and filmmaking, but otherwise would be as far away from it as possible.

Facebook doesn’t have a constitution, nor promise first amendment rights. They have a TOS. A Terms of Service. They own the country and they set the rules.

They also burgle you of as much personal information and sell it to advertisers behind your back. So, yeah, you pay dearly for the site … with your LIFE!

The masses of misinformation on Facebook are clearly a cesspool of frightening ignorance.

During the pandemic, the crazies have filled the virtual streets with signs loaded with apocryphal taunts. Memes abound. Biases are confirmed en masse. People who never had a voice before, seemingly have one. Unlikely cults find and recruit members quickly and easily.

Today I saw a post from a friend on this meme :

The first response was from the guy who posted the meme’s father. It read:

Is he saying that the USA doesn’t help the poor or Christians don’t help the poor? I wonder what he bases that statement on?

My response – which seems to be getting legs – as my friends are screen capping it and sending it to others:

I think many of the faithful think they are benevolent based on their involvement in their churches. Or by proxy because their churches have outreach programs. 

Having spent many hours with my very conservative friends over the last year, I have seen first hand how much some believers LOATH the poor. They complain about them incessantly given the topic in conversation. Helping them means telling them they shouldn’t be in full view at their stop lights holding signs. They shouldn’t be visible, because it plagues their green pastures and blue skies. 

I agree with you and Mr. Colbert here. It appears that Jesus’ mission of helping and curing the poor and the sick is a willfully forgotten pastime. The only thing selfish people of faith care about is the “next life” where everything will be solved in harmonious cloud life. Here? That’s Satan’s land. There, that’s where all are healed. All are safe. All our happy. All are well fed in a magical economy of what would appear to be socialism to the max. 

I don’t necessarily enjoy being critical of believers. I don’t think all believers are bad or evil, per se. Nor do I think that they — in their minds — are doing something wrong. I believe many people have enough self awareness to see their own hypocrisies. Including myself.

I have two best friends in the south who LOVE their faith and love Donald Trump. One is a guy I grew up with and the other is my dad. Given this info, and I still love them dearly, might indicate my level of consideration, I would hope.

I think the world is a huge landscape to navigate. In theory, we’re all doing and living exactly the way we are in our minds, not remembering that others perceptions of us are usually negative as well as positive. Each one of us is a hypocrite. Each one of us fails and succeeds.

Each one of us mistakenly views our perspective as truth. Some more than others.

Sometimes it’s our inability to identify personal weaknesses and be thoughtful about them.

Yesterday, a friend of mine, a very lovely person I met here on this blog and also in REAL LIFE tagged me on Facebook hoping hear my thoughts on Facebook censoring certain ideas. This person, Julie Ferwerda, author and nurse, entered my purview after I read a post ±10 years ago that she wrote about “dating Jesus.” She wrote that she must make time to spend with her personal savior because it helps cultivate their intimacy. Make him cards! Record His answers. Make time for one another! Read my post here.

I’m sure I was critical of it, because a relationship with Jesus is one-directional. I found it laughable that anyone would “date” the so-called creator of the universe.

While some believe we have His Word to communicate to us. There’s no way to have a “real” conversation with someone who has no tangible voice. So we talk all we want through prayer, to a voice in our heads that many attribute to that of God himself.

At the time, she laughed it off. And I thought that she showed showed enough personal awareness of her foibles and idiosyncratic approach to relationships with invisible friends.

Since then, she wrote a book called Raising Hell, Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire. The book is a verbose meandering of her decision to leave the fold of hell believers. At the time, we had become friends, and I had written a few times here on this blog that hell is the easiest Christian doctrine to research and dispel as fiction. I’d like to think it was the foundation for her book, but I love to think highly of myself. 🤣

She’s recently displaced her views of fervent evangelicalism to replace it with proselytizing the religion of vaccination awareness.

She didn’t write the following. But I did. Her view, in my opinion, is this:

Mark Zuckerberg totally admitted — out loud! — that Facebook tries to prevent anti-vaccine information. This is CENSORSHIP! How can they censor helpful information about the EVILS of vaccination. It’s all a sham scam, perpetuated by Bill Gates and Big Pharma!!!

So here’s this LONG ass thread discussing vaccinations with all her likeminded darlings. It’s not being taken down. There are links in the thread to Bill Gates. To the evils of vaccines. And it hasn’t been censored.

But they’re complaining about censorship.

Does anyone with a pulse not see the irony?

So she tags me and says, “Thoughts?”

I looked at the thread and rolled my eyes. After pointing out the irony that her controversial post was yet to be censored, I responded a few times. Given the opportunity and “welcome” into their house to give my “opinion”:

 I believe that it’s inappropriate to discuss controversial issues on Facebook. For instance, I don’t discuss my lack of belief, my political stance, my thoughts against people like you with views like yours … I am now, because it’s on topic. 

Why? Because it’s dumb as dirt. I don’t think we would have these arguments if we were in person. We’d be much more delicate — at least in theory. There are better things to talk about than vaccines. And there are better uses of my brain space than to try and convince against something you’re already convinced of. 

Just like you changing your mind about hell … these changes happen organically. I could care less about your stance otherwise. I do come from the camp that you’re very misinformed. As do you toward me. Surprise!!!

I believe you have moved your beliefs of hell to that of vaccines. You believe that you’re loving your fellow humans with the gospel of “don’t vaccinate.” So you go on proselytizing rants and raves for a giant conspiracy of censorship. That you’re being marginalized like Christians. Oh the martyrdom of promoting your beliefs!!! 

It’s like your brains need so badly to get the world to see the unseen that you latch on to crappy arguments like these and scream, “LISTEN TO ME!!!! I — and I alone — am speaking the truth.” 

Only this time it’s not hell and heaven and Jesus … it’s a damn scientific doubt founded on a bunch of hooey capluey.

The Anti-vaccination crew blab about their absent rights and their censored truths. They throw around how they all eschew mainstream media. While claiming that their peripheral media sources are solid, and grounded — no steeped — in research and amazing information! Read them and you, too, will open your eyes to the pit of evils instituted by Bill Gates.

When did Bill Gates get demonized? I can’t really figure it out, but it seems like it’s gained popularity in the last couple years. Check these articles here, here and here.

Bill Gates. He’s the formidable enemy of the anti-vax cult. With his pointy ears, horns, red skin and trident held high with hundreds of dead babies on each spear.

This guy:

Who publishes a summer reading list so thoughtfully curated and reviewed.

While his blog is a diverse gathering of educational material, the anti-vaxxers are posting endless memes about how evil he is. They’ve taken his words out of context to render him a monster of vaccinations at the peril of you, your loved ones and your fellow neighbors.

Mainstream Media — and all you un-woke people — have fallen into Gate’s hypnotic gaze.

I asked myself recently, “Who do I not like in the world?”

And I answered, “Well, I don’t like Donald Trump.”

Then I asked, “Do I not like him so much that I have demonized him, reveled in his awfulness both on and off the social media court.”

And I responded, “I spend a fair share of time, energy and mental real estate thinking about this guy. Yes.”

And then I asked, “Do you do it ALL the time?”

My response, “Not really. There are good thoughts I have of him. I remember a roast between him and Hillary Clinton before the election in which I saw this one glimmer of kindness toward Hillary in which he tried to pull her seat out for her as she was sitting down. She, in that moment, was a cunt. She was the one who acted the asshole.”

I’ve asked myself a hundred times if I adored Barack Obama as much as Trump supporters adore him. I don’t believe I do. But Trump’s cult of personality is different. Obama was a boring president in comparison. We all got earfuls of how awful he was. How he wasn’t a Christian. Sympathetic toward Muslims. But besides wearing a tan suit and “um-ing” more than the average bear, he was largely flying under a radar. Fox News tended to air their grievances daily. But I never owned a poster. I never thought he was worth adoring. He was just another president doing his best to do the job he was voted in to do.

I look back at my disdain toward George W Bush. I changed my mind about him even though I thought he was a war-mongering prick. But once I heard him talk to his daughters getting interviewed on Ellen. He was on the phone and the girls were in the studio. Hearing his humanity and kindness toward his daughters softened my heart and I totally saw him as a man.

There are plenty of things I wish Donald Trump did differently. But I don’t believe deep down that he’s trying to ruin the world. His views of the world are living out in his day to day life. And while they aren’t my ideals, apparently there are many who adore him.

Because I get more chances lately to spend time with those Donald Trump fans — including my best friends — when I’m in the south at my second home, I get to see first hand that they comprehend his foibles and they overlook them. They think highly of him.

And while it’s like they want me to like their favorite band or love their favorite TV shows … you can’t convince me that I should completely love them or him, too.

It’s like demonizing the devil. Everyone paints him as evil, but he was responsible for opening Adam and Eve’s minds to the so-called truth. He didn’t condemn people to eternal torment, God did. He’s kinda just a bystander with a huge pool of incessantly burning embers. He’s apparently easily defeat-able, but God lets him stick around causing havoc, casting doubt, tempting you with sex, lies and drugs. But God sent the flood as punishment. God kills. Satan seems to just sport cool tattoos and wait for his kingdom to be filled with people who commit the thought crime of not accepting Jesus as the savior of the World.

Bill Gates. That Satan-loving, child murderer and vaccine profiteer. I don’t love him. I could care less. But I do see a tendency for groups to scapegoat someone without merit. And the more I read about him, the more I’m not convinced that he’s going out of his way to benefit off of the world by having it vaccinated.

Like you perhaps, I’m trying to make sense of this vaccination crowd. I ask myself, “Why don’t I make the same connections as they do? I’ve read the same material. I’ve watched the same videos. What am I missing?” Am I sold-out? Am I stuck in a loop of ignorance?

I recently read that in the DSM-5, there’s a term apophenia – the tendency to perceive connections where none exist.

And maybe this is where the issue lies. Humans are pattern seekers. One cannot look into a cloudy sky without identifying forms as representations to a living being or inanimate object. Patterns are everywhere. We tend to connect two points of interest automatically, and if this pattern repeats, we latch and do not let go. I got a cold after I walked outside in a cold rain. Every time I wear this shirt, my team wins. When I put my car in the shop, ten more issues crop up … the mechanic must be sabotaging me. When I test for the coronavirus, more people test positive … so let’s not test.

Almost every group claims their sources of media are the right ones and everyone else’s is the wrong ones. I call bullshit.

When people finally cast a critical eye on all media as being part lie, part truth, part bias, then, and only then, will I listen to anyone preaching a message of “truth.”

… And, Lo, the gullible will drag everyone else down with them to their below ground level


Racism runs rampant in today’s USA

In response to a concerned mother about her child not getting the best level of education, the high school principal wrote:

“Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” he wrote, according to email records obtained by The Palm Beach Post through a public records request. “And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.”

He went on to say that as an educator he had “the role to be politically neutral but support all groups in the school.”

“I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” Latson wrote.

That response led the mother to launch a yearlong effort to address what she called a school leader’s failure to separate truth from myth regarding the genocide of an estimated 6 million Jews under Germany’s Nazi regime in the 1940s.

Principal regrets comments

She didn’t doubt that Latson knew the Holocaust was real, she said in an interview, but she feared his reluctance to say so stemmed from a desire to avoid confronting parents who deny the Holocaust’s reality.

I read somewhere that this principal wonders the same thing about whether slavery happened or not.

One question I have, is he religious (likelihood is probable) and if so, does he hold religion to the same level of scrutiny …

Questions. Always more questions.

Let them apply for loans!

Being old, rich, white and out of touch is Wilbur Ross’s middle name.

Repost: TWKIWIDBI’s Trump Clump #6

I value Stan’s collections of Trump-related stories and material that he posts intermittently and then shuts down comments because of his variety of readers.

Most of the things in the post are repeats of things I’ve read, but at the same time, it’s astonishing to be reminded of all the bullshit that we read about, but because of the sheer volume of out-crazy-ing his own craziness, we forget about big stories as if they were somehow small stories.

I’ve been reading consensus on the inter webs that it’ll be a matter of a few years before the majority of Americans view this presidency as worse than Nixon’s. The assumption is that the hold outs will be comprised of white supremacists, under-educated and some aged folks.

Click here for Trump Clump #6. Here’s one of the videos he posted:

“Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, 
go through it, go over it, go around it, but get to the other side of that wall. 
 -Donald J. Trump

I arrived a little late for this party. VIDEO: “How to survive your liberal family member during the holidays”

Yesterday I saw that Donald Trump retweeted an op-ed from The Daily Caller, a website started by Tucker Carlson and known for its connection to white supremacy. It didn’t surprise me that Trump would associate himself with a shit site known for its allegiance to making America white again.

While on the site, I noticed a video posted that I simply had to watch. The video took dead aim at liberal stereotypes, and I assume it was an attempt at humor. The production value alone was atrocious. The sound quality sucked. Its attempt to characterize liberals fell into expected territory. It’s amazing how bad conservative “art” is and equally weird how low the bar is set for production value and attention to detail.

The article associated with the video explained:

Extremely progressive family members can be triggered easily by things like Christianity, traditional values and meat eating. The liberal family member can be a real spoiler for holiday traditions and good tidings.

A spit my coffee from my mouth reading “things like Christianity.”

All three of us in the office yesterday soaked every second of this train wreck. We learned from its poorness and its blatant missed targets. We even laughed, likely for all the wrong reasons. Enjoy it below!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had no idea about the “Baby it’s cold outside” controversy until just before Christmas. A conservative friend of mine explained that liberals were up in arms over the lyrics. After a bit of digging, it appeared that the controversy was a manufactured issue originating from conservative websites, just like that nasty war on Christmas.