How are we not all fucking furious?!!?

UPDATE: I just saw the below post. Studies show that easy access to certain vehicles for death make it much easier for people to use those methods in harmful ways. When ovens featured lethal gas, suicide by that method skyrocketed.

We owe our children better. This is out of control.

Everything is a remix!

Great bit of info here. Love.

You can get a poll to say anything, right?

A poll released by USA Today says that 56% of Americans think of the term woke as a positive, not a negative.

A person can respond and say that you can get a poll to reflect any idea you want. And it might be true. I bet if we held a gigantic poll covering a larger swath of Americans, those aged 18-40 would be closer to 70-something percent would think woke is positive. If you could find them not buried in their phones.

Hold my beer while I try AI

After about a year or so of watching others dip their toes into generating images using AI, I decided to try it myself. I paid for a bottom tier month subscription at Midjourney.

I gotta say, it’s a lot of fun. Addictive even. I had a lot of misunderstandings about the process. I thought I’d have more control, and sometimes, no matter what you write, the prompt will NOT give you the request.

For instance, I showed Tina how to do it, and she wanted to create an black French Bulldog painted in the style of Vermeer, but no matter how many times we asked the prompt to remove white from the bulldog’s face, it kept it. That’s just a little frustration.

Or if you upload a picture and ask the prompt to stay true to it, the prompt will not generate a true to essence image, but it will re-imagine it all together.

Here’s some of the images I’ve created.

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