Inspirational music, music video and dance moves of the day

My brother-in-law posted this music video for the new release from Chaka Khan.

It’s so rad, I can’t even …

Chaka Khan hasn’t released an album in over seven years. Damn, this song and video are tight.

Phew. The summer just got hotter.


Check out World War I in color

Color film was in experimental phases in the early 20th century. There were few who could had the bulky slow equipment to shoot color. And those who did weren’t necessarily as close to the front lines, seeing how much they had to lug around and how long it might take to get the shot.

A description from this page:

1917 was also the tenth year that the Lumière brothers’ Autochrome color photography process was commercially available. One of the earliest color technologies, the Autochrome process, used microscopic grains of dyed potato starches to capture hues in a dreamy, pointillist mosaic.

Though unsuited for fast-moving action and combat, Autochrome was used by photographers to document the quieter moments away from the front, capturing the rest and reflection of soldiers engaged in a seemingly endless and senseless war.

To see different pages and write ups on these photos, go here, here, here, and here.

Check out a handful below. Shot 2018-07-02 at 7.37.24 AM.pngcolor-wwi-04.jpg

learning from life on the road


The trip that Tina and I just returned from was the best one to date. We saw and did a lot.   And by a lot, I mean a shit ton.

In France, We visited Paris, Bonnieux, Lourmarin, L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Gordes, and several other miscellaneous sights along the way. In Portugal, we hit Lisbon and Sintra. In Spain, we stayed in Barcelona, but knocked out a lot of sights in the city.

We ate and drank both the best and the worst of food and drinks. We toured like the best and worst tourists. I dented and scratched our rental car. Tina lost her phone in plain sight, searched frantically for it. We thought some Italian tourists in a camper van somehow swiped it while we were looking on. Eventually, after almost losing our minds, we found the damn phone in the bathroom beside the toilet.

Especially in crowded areas, we wore our wallets in front pockets, and I never kept my phone or cameras available for theft like that time in Rome when I was taking a photo in a touristy area with my phone in the big pockets of a rain coat.

We took risks in little shit restaurants. We pointed and grunted not knowing but a few words in Portuguese on several occasions. We paid one euro to use bathrooms in little restaurants only to get the money back by buying something, like a beer to walk down the street with.  Continue reading

“Forward Facing Nostalgia” March Photo Challenge Submission: Theme Blur.


For this year’s monthly photo challenge, I’m submitting this photo for March, which is the theme blur. I’m calling the image “Forward Facing Nostalgia.”

My wife Tina was so happy to be my model for this one. She asks to be a part of my creative processes a lot. The only reason she’s not in every photo is because there are a lot of photographers with the same person in shots, and it makes me think they don’t have access to a wider range of models.

But then you have super creative forces like Jamie Beck at Ann Street who uses herself as talent all the time and it makes me question those thoughts.

It’s weird. There are people who I think are narcissistic when they constantly post self portraits. But then there are others like Beck whom I don’t feel as judgmental toward. She makes such amazing art that I become more jealous than judgmental of how she’s in so many of her own photos.  Continue reading

Who did it better?


Last Friday, we were on a location shooting product images for a client of ours. It was a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am slam through as many pieces as possible. The pieces we were photographing aren’t for a main catalog, but more for selling several samples to get move some stock out and new stock in.

We arrived at a leather chair, the I’m sitting in above, and one of our client’s said, “R Kelly used this chair in a photoshoot. It’s famous.”

He pulled up the image on his phone, and I immediately locked down the camera and tried a quick replication of it. Of course I was wearing my little booties that we used to try and keep the paper sweep clean.

We were on the move and being exact wasn’t exactly in the cards, but the one we got above makes me laugh.

And at the moment, we didn’t have access to a cigar or a tumbler of scotch. Oh well, next time we’ll be prepared.


Making metaphors for real life


Since the middle of last January, I’ve relished in a sobriety that I haven’t felt in a long time. While I have had a couple celebratory drinks since we finished Whole30, I’ve thankfully stayed off a daily diet of at least a beer or two.

When you stay off booze, with it comes a clarity and lucidity. There comes a vulnerability, too. And with vulnerability comes creativity.

I photographed the above photo last Thursday as a part of my 2018 Monthly Photo Challenge. I’m not sure I came up with the idea for the above photo before we started the diet or after. I’m guessing after. But what you see above is almost EXACTLY what I envisioned.  Continue reading