Jeremy wants you to stalk him

As many of you know, Jeremy asked me to guest blog in his absence while he enjoyed his trip to Bali.  Jeremy, though, is still itching to share his life with you guys- and has asked me to remind all of you that he is chronicling his travels over at his professional, won’t-get-you-imprisoned-for-blasphemy blog at

There are some great photos over there, and a play-by-play account of his time in Bali.  You should go and check it out.  Then you should comment on his posts.  He misses you so much.

Yes, You.

Chicago Air and Water 2009

@ Wrigley Park


It makes me sick that we glorify the demonstration of wealth over the heads of people who know nothing of its fruit.

Here are some shots I took (click below the fold for more). To open several shots at once, command click into tabs, browser willing.

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