Elderly in Japan use exoskeleton tech to keep them working longer

From Futurism.com:

Exoskeletons aren’t just for super soldiers, automotive assembly workersand the paralyzed — they can assist the elderly in everyday tasks as well.

Now, New Scientist reports that older folks in Japan are using exoskeletons to help them do their jobs as they spend more of their lives in the workforce.

Japan currently has one of the oldest populations int he world. According to the U.S. Population Reference Bureau, Japan has the highest share of people above the age of 65 of any country — 26 percent, according to 2015 data.

In response, a number of Japanese tech companies are building exoskeleton suits to give the elderly a leg — or arm — up.

Thousands of Penis fish wash up on Drake’s Beach

It’s like a real, live Moses plague.  Related: JD Salvager’s story: “It’s a Perfect Day for a Bananafish.” 

Only in the richest country on earth

From Vice:

At 29, Brown works approximately 40 hours a week, splitting her time between a McDonald’s in Durham, North Carolina, and a food-service gig a local hospital. “It’s still not enough,” she said. Both jobs are part-time, and she doesn’t receive health insurance through either employer. She can’t afford insurance on her own, either. That’s a problem since Brown is diabetic, and she has to pay for her medical expenses out of pocket. She’s trying to do all she can on her own—she receives no food stamps or other assistance, she notes—but it rarely feels like she’s doing enough.

“It’s really rough right now,” she said.

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