I can read a script and sell you anything

I saw this over at TYWKIWDBI where Stan posted the following from the Guardian (his emphasis):

Sinclair Media Group is the owner of the largest number of TV stations in America.“Sinclair’s probably the most dangerous company most people have never heard of,”said Michael Copps, the George W Bush-appointed former chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the top US broadcast regulator…

The New York Times refers to the group as a “conservative giant” that, since the Bush presidency, has used its 173 television stations “to advance a mostly right-leaning agenda”. The Washington Post describes it as a “company with a long history of favoring conservative causes and candidates on its stations’ newscasts”…

Another cause for concern, and increased scrutiny, is what’s seen as the company’s pronounced political agenda. Sinclair forces its local stations to run pro-Trump “news” segments. In April, they hired Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump campaign spokesman and member of the White House press office, as its chief political analyst. His “must-run” 10-minute political commentary segments unsurprisingly hewed closely to the Trump administration’s message. The news and analysis website Slate, referring to Epshteyn’s contributions, said: “As far as propaganda goes, this is pure, industrial-strength stuff.”..

The focus of the concern is Ajit Pai, the man Trump appointed as head of the country’s top broadcasting regulator, the FCC. Since he began work in January, Pai has been busy relaxing the protections for local broadcasting that had previously limited Sinclair’s expansion. Trump’s new-look FCC has moved swiftly to clear the hurdles for Sinclair’s proposed takeover of Tribune… In addition to changes paving the way for Sinclair’s merger, Pai’s FCC has proposed eliminating one of its most fundamental rules, which requires local news stations to actually have a local studio where they broadcast the news.




Happy Easter to us everyone …


Here’s wishing you and yours a happy Easter. Whether you celebrate Christ’s resurrection or not.

For me, Easter is a reminder of what I do not believe. I can’t help it. On the social media outlets, you have friends plugging “He is Risen” graphics. Continue reading

“Forward Facing Nostalgia” March Photo Challenge Submission: Theme Blur.


For this year’s monthly photo challenge, I’m submitting this photo for March, which is the theme blur. I’m calling the image “Forward Facing Nostalgia.”

My wife Tina was so happy to be my model for this one. She asks to be a part of my creative processes a lot. The only reason she’s not in every photo is because there are a lot of photographers with the same person in shots, and it makes me think they don’t have access to a wider range of models.

But then you have super creative forces like Jamie Beck at Ann Street who uses herself as talent all the time and it makes me question those thoughts.

It’s weird. There are people who I think are narcissistic when they constantly post self portraits. But then there are others like Beck whom I don’t feel as judgmental toward. She makes such amazing art that I become more jealous than judgmental of how she’s in so many of her own photos.  Continue reading

Super cool photo project: photographer captures same people on same corner over several years.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 7.27.58 AM.png

What I love about living in Chicago is that I get to “know” so many of my neighbors who I see almost daily.

A photographer in NYC took it to the next level by capturing passers by over the years and seeing the same people on their daily commute sometimes doing the exact same thing wearing the exact same clothing.

The project by Peter Funch turned into a coffee table book called 42nd and Vanderbuilt. I love how the light is obviously different likely because of how it hits surrounding buildings and bounces around.

Go explore more here.

All the screaming is so apocalyptic

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.06.02 AM.png

On the way home from a job in the suburbs last week, Tina and I were beside two cars when one rear-ended the other. The rear-ender car was driven by a teen girl who — after the accident — looked up from her cell phone in shock that she had taken the bumper off the car in front of her.

“What a fucking idiot!” I might have screamed.

Yesterday, I saw the above message shared on Facebook. It reads:

Dear “Ban Gun” teenagers.
11 teens die a day from texting and driving.
Let’s ban your cell phone too.
Also, your car.

If you’re a sentient being, you’ve likely seen many similar “gotcha” messages from gun toting hillbillies attempting their hand at cleverness.  Continue reading