10 Crazy Medical Inventions That (Thankfully) Never Caught On

From Life Support The Blog:

Every year, modern medical science creates devices that advance the fight against human illness, frailty and mortality, increasing both our quality and quantity of life. These are not those devices. Rather, these 10 items represent a range of medical quackery, ill-conceived inventions and just plain insanity from the past 80 years of healthcare. If you ever see any of them in your doctor’s office, seek help elsewhere.

I’m only showing a few here at Le Café. Go to the site to check out the rest. Reading about them will cause thankful thoughts.

Aren’t you glad science doesn’t stubbornly stick to its new ideas? I wish everything would treat information the way science does.

Anti-Eating Face Mask (1982)

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum (2005)

Birthing Centrifuge (1965)

Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge (1935)