B-Roll From Whitestock 2010

I love the blog Joe.My.God. You should read it.

He posted this follow up to the video I really liked featuring the tea-bagging crazies. He said:

Here’s more from Whitestock 2010, courtesy of intrepid New Left Media reporter Chase Whiteside, who released this clip in response to Tea Party claims that his first clip was “selectively edited” to show that teabaggers are idiots.

Take a look:

Traveling Dingleberries

We’re in the car on our way back from Carbondale.

A sheriff pulled Michael for speeding right after lunch. That put a damper on the mood.

But we’re all generally happy and enjoying the ride.

We just passed the big bad cross that “decorates” the side of the highway (below).

We atheists were featured on the front cover of the local paper while we were there. There is a controversy regarding a 10 commandment monument on city property.

The way the headline was written it was one atheist fighting against the entire town to prevent the monument. We joked that the population of atheists doubled when I came to town.

That wasn’t entirely true. Jason’s parents are nonbelievers. Michael and Jason don’t find it necessary to label themselves but they aren’t believers either.

Conversations at Jason’s Ps are often science-y or academic related. Either that or bodily functions.


His parents are highly educated and they are active in the artistic community. Jason’s dad retired as a professor of psychology at the state university there. He often strikes up interesting conversations based on something he’s read or researched.

Overall we had a great time. I wished you were all there. We could have tippled an adult beverage and played games light into the night after night swimming.

Walk this way

One of my favorite things to do when shooting event candids  — like this weekend at the Gay Pride Parade — is to grab someone walking toward the camera. Some of my favorite shots are when I can get a complete stranger to look at the lens. I feel it adds a human dimension to the photograph. It’s photographic pathos, if you will.

At the same time, I find that when I’m at events in which I’m a welcome party shots are often better if the subjects are not looking at the lens. I have no idea why I do this.

I mean, I can shoot the shots where everyone is huddled up and smiling shit-eating grins. But I don’t want every shot I take to be like that. Who cares if you can look into the camera and smile. I want you to look at each other and smile.

To get strangers to look at the camera, I find there are three ways to do it. 1) Stand in front of them and make them look at me. 2) Stand in an obvious location and hope someone looks toward the camera and fire. 3) Blow a vuvuzela, wait for a glance and then hit the shutter.

When I grab some stranger’s eye contact toward the lens, when you see it later, you connect with them on some level.

In public, I tend to pine for connections with people. I love shared moments of laughter. I tend to be the guy in the elevator that cracks a joke. I get that element of person-to-person flirtation from my old man. My Dad can talk to almost anyone. Since I can remember, he always “flirted” a little with old ladies and little girls. Now don’t take that the wrong way. He seriously had a way of getting strangers’ attentions.

Perhaps the camera is my way hiding behind an insecurity in order to be more gregarious. Maybe when I have a nice lens between someone else and me, I feel more confident. Who knows.

Here are a series of shots I took of people walking toward camera from last Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade.

There’s a couple more below the fold.

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How do respond to bigots

I grabbed this on Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade. The idiots who preach at events like this need to stop embarrassing themselves. What morons. If their message were so great, it would stand on its own merits. They should revel in their “superiority” and leave the rest of the world alone.

Or they can keep giving us ammunition against them. Seems like the message of turning the other cheek was very lost on these idiots.

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