The “Morality” of Child Sacrifice Encourages War

In a pretty recent post, I talked about Lot’s contribution to godly morality. God considered Lot righteous enough to keep the story in the bible (a.k.a. the ultimate book of morality). Maybe there’s a reason for including Lot’s story of offering his daughter’s as sacrifices to deity. Perhaps we missed what was didactic about such a story.

No, I don’t think so. Lot’s story ended when his ignorant, horny daughters drugged him and raped him to get themselves pregnant because they couldn’t find any local fellows to marry.

Lot died.

His righteous legacy lives on.

Wow! What an awesome code for moral conduct. Top notch. I’ve tried bringing this up to many Christians. They do the typical wave of the hand through the air. “No, no, no, this isn’t part of the moral code,” they say.

This is one of those passages that gets Tina’s blood boiling so badly she wonders how anyone could grow up in the environment that I grew up in. I’m not sure what gets her angry most, the passage about Eve as helper (See Creation Museum; search for word “helper”) or Lot’s disrespect for women, including his own daughters.

Me? I can’t figure out how women could agree to become “christian”. The “christian” tradition is so one-sidedly testosterone heavy and patriarchal, why would a woman want to subscribe to an unnaturally oppressive male culture?

It’s truly something to explore. Maybe it’s that …

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