bill whimire’s photo essay of me shooting urban decay

2013.04.14 - Gary Indianna wth Eric and Jeremy-39

Remember all those Urban Decay shots I posted a while back?

My photography partner (in crime) Bill Whitmire concentrated more on photographing us shooting spaces.

He sent me images last night, and it’s cool to see it in essay form. It seems to tell more of a story. I know it’s about me, and this is totally a selfish post (not that any of my other posts are selfish).

But I thought Bill’s photo essay needed to be told.

2013.04.14 - Gary Indianna wth Eric and Jeremy-2

2013.04.14 - Gary Indianna wth Eric and Jeremy-3

2013.04.14 - Gary Indianna wth Eric and Jeremy-8


Everything is Terrible! Charlton Heston Presents Sodom & Gomorrah

Remember that time when God appeared to you in the form of himself or an angel and gave you a message?

Yeah, me neither.

Even if this isn’t a cartoon, how could I take this story seriously at all?

I mean, there was a time when I did. And I cherished stories. But once thought about realistically, well, it becomes nothing more than entertainment.



Lighting for film noir


Last night, Bill and I worked with an actor in the studio and were able to work with our new lighting setup.

That was after a long day of shooting for Tina and me. We shot a family out in the suburbs, and I had a ton of photo editing to work on.

But the studio stuff is my favorite, and I can’t wait to work with it more.

The above shot is from our shoot last night. And as you might know, I don’t name our talent here at this blog. But I felt confident when working with him that he has a great future ahead of him.

I’ve been looking for inspiration for this kind of lighting, and I found work by James Weber. Be sure to go over and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s not all safe for work. There are no egregious nudes, but there’s an occasional nipple, male and female.

Monday inspiration: Joey L. on travel photography


Go check out this blog post about five critical travel photography tips. You won’t be disappointed.

Among the tips are avoiding drawing too much attention to yourself or your equipment and hiring locals.

My favorite line:

You don’t have to travel across the globe to experience new things. Your own backyard is the farthest place away to someone else on the other side of the world.

Above is one shot from Joey’s amazing portfolio that includes incredible travel photography, TV show promotions and a Twilight Movie poster.

Thanks Bill!

Ah snap, there’s proof I was at Lollapalooza!

There’s little old me at Lollapalooza.


I think I was waiting for Gary Clark, Jr. at that point. Look at me looking fresh and smily.

That’s Dietrich taking the picture with a GoPro. He was another photographer shooting for WGN. Thanks to him, I have proof that it was me taking the photos I claimed as my own.

Isn’t that neat!

When you’re behind the camera, you’re like the concept of god. You see lots of things like the glorious hedonism of a music festival. But like God, you are never seen. You view all the girls wearing mom jeans and you weep for humanity.

It’s nice to know there’s proof of my existence.

I’d like someone to turn the camera around on Yeshua.


Hump Day Nooner: The House Bunny mnemonic

I’m an Anna Farris fan. And while House Bunny wasn’t that great, Farris’ other work has been stuff that I can watch over and over.

This scene is our favorite scene from House Bunny. It shows how Farris’ humor is dark and her deliveries are amazing, despite the pretty, collagen-injected lips.

This scene makes me laugh and laugh. I love it when the Beetlejuice inspired girl beside her sits up after she repeats “Harmony.”

And then at the end when she explains it’s her mnemonic, the timing from explanation to saying “Natalie” in that voice is comic genius.

Thanks, Tina!

Comics and their million (MILLION!) dollar ideas

Last night, I met a comic out on the street. He was talking to my buddy Bill. I joined their conversation.

With open arms.

The comic is telling Bill and I about a million dollar TV show idea that he wants to pitch … to any ol’ coot that will listen. All he needs is a production company foolish enough to have invested in all the equipment and follow him around tying $100 bills to fishing wire, and pulling said $100 bills through a zone of homeless folks and watch the hilarity!

Comedy Gold, I tell ya!

This comic says, “Are you interested in making something like that?” He had a foreign accent. It was a little hard to understand him. At one point he said something about “pussy”, but after I deciphered his accent, he was really saying something like “possibly.”

After listening to him chatter for three point five minutes about his golden idea, I looked at him and I said, “Did you write any of this out? Make me a proposal. I need it all in writing.”

He says, “You can’t write it out. It has to be spontaneous. In the moment.”

He starts going on and on about not writing it out. He goes on and on about the hilarity of his idea. You see, he’s a comic genius. Genius can not be written, it must be experienced. Yeah, those successful comics fly off the cuff too.

What a dim bulb.

I looked at him, and I said, “I’m a professional videographer. It’s what I do for a living. I used to work with a shit load of comics. If you don’t want to write it out, this is where our conversation ends.” I did an asshole swoop of my hand in front of us as if to make an invisible shield protecting me from the inanity. Run-0f-the-mill comics have a million salable ideas, but not one iota of understanding about how the fucking world works.

The more people I meet, the more I compare them to comics. And then I feel better about walking away from their “million dollar ideas.”

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Pope Mohammed.

I’m just saying that to remind me that I haven’t written a Pope Mohammed in some time.

Happy Friday.