Atheists are Douchy Cunts

Maxipads. That’s what atheists are. Bloody, mildewed, moldy, bacteria laden cunt monsters. They’re insolent, ignorant, and they spout off boneheadedly without learning all the evidence before they open their mouths or type with their little idiot fingers. Now I’m going to go out and join a new group, because this one is infiltrated with bozo nose lickin’ wack jobs.

First evidence, insolent atheist biologist (probable closet creationist) Pz Myers has been tweeting that he’s in Chicago and he didn’t call ahead to tell me. I mean, COME ON. Remember CreoZerg, old friend? How quickly you forget all the good times we had together. [insert Pz’s face and mine on Paul Newman‘s and Katharine Ross‘s faces in the cheesy bike scene in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” riding around the Creation “Museum” campus]. I have NO clue why he’s here in town. I could have picked him up from the airport and drove him to his hotel. We could have had tea and strumpets, and giggle a little about Ken Ham.


Second evidence: facebook. Hemant Mehta picked up my blog about the Yeshua Fog Conundrum and wrote about it at The Friendly Atheist. After he posts blogs, he posts to twitter and facebook that the post is up (I bet my family is marginally glad I don’t do that). One idiot named Andrea decided to respond and say, “Sure is weird that the guy (me!) would think no one would find his blog.” That’s not what she said. Wait, here’s a screen capture (thanks Julie!). Read it yourselves.

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Of course I’m being a complete bumbling idiot. I mean none of this.

I ❤ atheism.

It is bizarre to me that within the “smart” group, there would appear to be the casual idiosyncratic glimmer of mental instability lacking research before flippantly making ignorant statements. Before long, Julie will have two web sites. One for religious statements and one for non-religious.

I’m skeptical of skepticism. This exhibition of insincerely whimsical questioning calls into question the mental prowess of the group I call my own. Pick up the pace, kids. I don’t need one of you bringing the rest of us down.