Here I was thinking I was already cool


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This summer, energy prices will have skyrocketed along with every other price tag you thought was going to stay at 1920’s prices.

So here are eight relatively green ideas for saving money this summer when you’re trying to keep your wife’s grubby hands off the thermostat.

Number nine would have been vodka lemonades, but I think they were trying to keep the list kid friendly.

Anything you can add to this list? And feeding your dog tons of ice cubes and then having her lick your face might not work for me.



When I first read the list from above, I immediately had my eye on the economical gadgets section (#2). There’s a product called the BedFan® which would be perfect for a guy like me. I downloaded the manual, and cracked up. This is the CEO Kurt Thompkins that invented the BedFan® with his lovely family.


Hey Kurt, if you ever google yourself and stumble on this blog, I would like to offer you a 20% discount on photography services to have your family shot redone … and redone cool … like the product you invented.

One thing you could do to make this shot better is have that stuffed dog photoshopped from the image. That would be tremendous!