Greensboro secular groups seeking equality

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta has been following a story in Greensboro, North Carolina that I should be more intrigued by, but I haven’t posted about it here yet. I grew up in the neighboring town of High Point. And I spent a lot of time in Greensboro throughout my adolescence.

Mehta has been posting about secular groups that have been going to city council meetings to protest the Greensboro mayor Bill Knight’s decision to continue having prayer before city council meetings. He has also said that non-believers of any ilk are somehow less American.

Doesn’t kvetching about what is and what’s not American seem to be the adult cut down of the times? In preschool it was my daddy could beat up your daddy. In elementary school I know you are but what am I. In middle school, yo mamma. In adulthood, you’re not American enough jokes. At least when you’re elderly, you have to mumble through a mouth full of gums.

What a joke.

Today Mehta posted for the third time (link), including a video of a speech by resident Heather Spealman. The other two posts can be found here and here.

Unfortunately, I can’t really provide much more information about Greensboro, as I haven’t lived nearby in 15 years. I have a couple of readers that might be able to give a little feedback on the situation.

In any case, here’s the speech Mehta posted today (below).

Otherwise, go check out the story and I’ll forward the story as he follows it. I’m lazy like that. Well not like this. But like that.