Christian biology teacher emphasizes evolution in classroom, taunts his creationist students

Regular reader and blogger Biodork just shared a story over at her blog that made me smile. It’s a simple story (link). She works at a bookstore and, well, let me let her tell you. It’s titled, “I love my customers”:

I just met a gentleman who wanted to sign up for the bookstore’s educator discount. While he was filling out the registration form, I asked what subject he taught, and he told me he taught high school biology, with an emphases on ecology and evolution – Yeah! We traded favorite authors and podcasts (also, dude had to be in his 60s, so he’s hip, he’s with it), and he shared his guilty secret: He loves to antagonize his evangelical fundamentalist young earth creationist students (even though he’s a Christian) Hehehe…mean ol’ guy!

It’s okay to be a Christian and accept science. The evidence is overwhelming.

Just sayin’.

Be sure to check out her blog!

Thanks, Biodork!